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"Rokam: Rive Royale (all-season)"

The Anecdotal Chameleon: "Love, JeanNette"

I named you after the MacDonald musical comedy star, but I wasn't sure if hers had one 'n' or two. So I chose 'two' for your birth certificate and, um, life -- to be on the safe side......

I see. because it takes two to parent? or because kid gloves and lace hankies come in pairs? and silk stockings. Spelling is best on the buddy system? it took me nine comfy months to burst onto the scene. you never looked closely into a Los Angeles marquee before the delivery room? hello, loco cal. thanks for taking mom and me in.

All I ever really responded was a blankly mind-blasted: uh-huh. [i think i'll climb back atop the frig now..... ] [i see where this is all going.] Has anyone seen grammy Vassar anywhere closeby?

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