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Drones for Peace!

"on nothing and not-nothing"

An essay on the space between opposite, or not, points. An exploration to its habilitation. Or whether it can be defined or described or must be known and agreed to in that realm that may be and may not.

"Did you feed the gopher?" Sally required starkly.

Lazarus looked into nothing and not-nothing to discern something defined.

"No," he said suredly.

"They'll know," Sally warned.

"The gophers?" Lazarus got lost within are and not.

Sally stared at the space stretched there.

"To sleep? To dream in the not-here of not-there?" she asked.

Lazarus fell toward the not-bed alone.


"There are no amounts in not-sum," Sally looked into a vacuum between '9' and '2.'

"It isn't zero there either. It's not-nothing between'2' and'9'."

"There is no number symbol of not-nothing."

"It could be zero to the nth power,"Lazarus suggested.

"No, that's a definitive. We can't live there."

Lazarus faded with instant alarm into not-nothing and no-sum.

"Here's a blank." Lazarus spied excited.

"Where's not-blank?" Sally shared discomfiture at a point.

"Right there." He directed with one eye closed.

"Okay." She settled with relief into the no-point to point blank and not-blank.

"There can be no end and not-sum or sum and end." Sally warned again.

this is not not-blank

that is the space and not-space between no-point and point.

that was nothing and not-nothing.

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