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"Night Tales"

The hags of Frag Leap
braided their hair
and tried not to care
or stare at the crumbling
castle that jack built
as he pranced from dayglo stilts
by the lilting psalms and swerving fronds
of yesteryear.
In tears they melted still in dares
for the scalding pot smeared of wine,
hogback and the teeth of swine
stirred to stew,
brewed in shushed back alleys
clamoring in the wake
of bodies hidden from view
by the gowns of fright
chiming of hideous sorrow.

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Backstage in the borderline touring show: I'm not sure anyone but God will ever unravel the shrouded lies and unspeakable mysteries of unthinkable miseries in what grew to become "the southern confederacy" that the souls and minds of VA-TN Overmountain Men, and their wives, fought to birth and defend where the secrecies of usurious horror are custom designed and costumed for couture personalized for crowd control. In light of the actuality of many regional liaisons in casual nonchalance of normalized everyday criminal depravities, the Senate Torture Report writ deep and large, it isn't surprising that some of its children are blasphemes and profanities materialized. The world-ending inability to recognize or commune surviveably with members of ones own species -- call that inhumanity bigotry or racism or sexism or mysogeny -- is a diseased derangement manifest in the misbegotten we must not continue to feed or breed unabated. The nature of secession they dream of is not possible for our interactively connected reality planes of divine physics. They give themselves away. Why buy it? Or fund it?--jH, Easter/Passover 2015

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"The way of the Cross is not easy, yet it is the tuneful, the rhythmic, the beautiful, the lovely way."
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