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Ever Love: Micro-fiction

"Honey, would you grab those dead flowers on your way past and throw them out?" Kelly asked loudly, adding, "Please," belatedly as Matt made his way painfully past Aunt Catherine's antique maple lowboy and down into their dusky hall of faded oriental floor coverings and brazenly bright art deco prints. The walker caught on an especially threadbare section of Cousin Jim's handloomed Chinese rug.

"Dammit," Matthew screeched, regaining his balance. "We've got to ask Lionel to take all these up and home with him. They're a bio-hazard here."

"The flowers," Kelly reminded sharply, seeing Matt grab the lowboy for support. "All right. He'll be by tomorrow since it's Edna's birthday." Edna jumped up at the sound of her name and curled into furry composure by Kelly's bare feet streched down on Granny Carlson's brocaded daybed.

Matthew pushed a thickly wandering peppery lock away from his eye behind an ear, checking the feature reflection of a sharply-angled elderman in their crustily ornate and oversized Faux Versailles mirror as he reached for the dried posy and held it out for Kelly to see he'd remembered and complied.

"How do you really feel today, dear?" Kelly inquired directly, coddling each syllable to crisp enunciation into the increasing isolation of Matt's deafness.

"Crotchety and crunchy," he responded to the aural gist of gibberish floating inside his head.

"I'll cook you later," Kelly joked into the thickening vapor.

Matt looked over and smiled into the spirit voiced.

"Barbecue," she mouthed explicitly.

Matthew grinned under sparking gray eyes and bowed in her direction with the withered bouquet clutched firmly into wizened fingers at his chest.

~ ~ ~

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"The way of the Cross is not easy, yet it is the tuneful, the rhythmic, the beautiful, the lovely way."
-- Edgar Cayce, Association for Research and Enlightenment

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