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"TheMill and ...."

"the week of incomplete sentences"

Sandy folded Aunt Priscilla's flowered violet sheets and pushed them determinedly up onto the top shelf of the linen closet. Uncle Daniel poured himself another spiked eggnog. Nathan groaned into the green velvet divan by the barren pinetree to leaf listlessly through a vintage copy of Life magazine grabbed randomly from the mahogany secretary's display.

"Do you have ....?"

"Did you know ....?"

"A boatload of ...."

"Never... Not working ...."

".... would not do it for ...."

"We don't know."

"That key comes to mind ...."

"Have they produced ....?"


....also Faux Classical Music."

"If the old commit is Matter, the new commit is Anti-matter."

".... and traveled the world ...."

"Really, Nat. Must you?"

"The family is receiving ...."

"Drop it, Danny."

"You don't know."

"tangerine crinolines"

" .... to be the first."

"in Monrovia, Africa or America...."

"A small gray dog was...."

"Turds, goddammit...."

".... a breakthrough methodology for successfully solving any individual behavior challenge ....."

"All aboard for ...."


"... anything and not get ...."

"I know."

"a unique new milk bottle"

"Because it's ...."

"You can find .... Macmillan muscle ...."

"They have stood up to the test of time ...."


"this is a very ...."

Sandy screeched the seen door ajar for Cassie to wag on out into the still soggy back yard.

"Then, it's settled?" she queried the dozing group.

"tangerine crinolines"

" .... to be the first."

"and another thing ...."

"It's a proprioception quandry, and larval opossum quarry, from Russia to China to the Maldive Island scatter, really."

"Most people are held ...."

"a small gray dog was...."

"Turds, goddammit...."

".... a breakthrough methodology for successfully solving any individual behavior challenge....."

"bicycle rack"

"... avoid feedback?"

"Look up!"


"All aboard for ...."

"... papers efficiently ...."



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