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Lisa Collis (Mrs. Mark Warner)

Mark Warner is the individual that initiated and signed early 2003 my age 59 extradiction -- ankle-shackled, waist-chained and handcuffed to a female deputy and accompanied by a male plain clothes investigator machine-recording our communications -- north on route 81 in a shenandoah county virginia sheriff's car driven by a male deputy from washington county (jonesborough jail) tennessee -- on an unappealable VA-TN Governor's Warrant to shenandoah county (woodstock jail) virginia on six "trumped up" felony warrants by now-deceased Sam Price (2) [luray], elizabeth herbert cotrell (2) [maurertown], and henry michael zimmerman (2) [Fort Valley] carrying 36 years maximum prison-time upon conviction and held without bond for three months, including two psychotropically-drugged via Staunton psychiatric personnel who noted in person they detected nothing insane or criminal about my mind but just that it "works differently" than average, at which juncture i accepted the plea bargain presented via my court-appointed attorneys by prosecutor Todd Gilbert, an E911-owning Shenandoah Telecommunications Company employee as were Cotrell and Zimmerman, to enable my freedom restricted by harshly unhealthful probationary terms, including continued psychotropic drugging and therapeutic "brainwashing," for four years, all of which caused elderly me a series of exponentially-disabling strokes necessitating two life-savingly critical operations, three months of hospitalization and continuing eldercare rehabilitation.

Just ask next time, Mark baby.

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