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"Lourdes of Gramma"

Bon Voyage, digital graphic by jH The deceptive and delusional evil of declarative sentences charmed Sophie into sloppy simplicity. "Brown is the only color suitable for rugs," she inculcated daughter Yolanda frequently. "Dogs are inherently nasty and bothersome. Get a cat," she ordered when Yolanda left home for their sideyard cabin as interim residence on her way to the amorphous outland of Millville University's Kreeger Dorm.

"Girls wear frilly shirts and silk bows. Grown women keep a closet of tailored suits and demure hats." Sophie admonished workaday rules for study and commute. "You don't want to be dismissed as irrelevantly silly by co-workers and bosses. You'll do just fine without childish distractions."

Meaningless mendacity herded Yolanda into mediocre meadows of actual monstrosity. She felt enveloped in padded coveralls, goggles that precluded the sense of daisies. Selecting a few simple sentients of her own, Yolanda landed on, "Mom, shut the freek up," and "Get a life, Sophie Muldoon."

Sophie wavered into the fog of verbs unfettered of nouns to ad-anything. "Asparagus?" she queried confusedly as her daughter spit on the african violets. "Crimson torn," Yolanda responded observantly and curtsied into the vestibule.

"There is no life beyond C Major," Sophie relapsed into an antique wormwood bookshelf. "Sophistry, thou art doomed," Yolanda embarked on soliloquy for the shores of tulip beds over their rill of rock gardens up the guesthouse hill. "Cactus blooms without care or caution,"Sophie noted into a pregnant pause. "Trite, hit the road," her daughter muttered hysterically. "Mom, lurk on."

"Osage or origami?" Sophie pondered despondently. "Are we there yet?" the child whined.

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Bon Voyage, digital graphic by jH


Future of Choice: "Mom & Pop Mastermind's Chocolate Shop Carnival Canteen Bankruptcy Going Out Of Business Bargain Blowout Sale"

A psychopath in the physiology of a female human is still a psychopath. Healthily mature womanhood, like manhood, is not psychopathologically disdainful of humanity and life (in preference to money and materiel) -- nor is manifestation of that indicative of true business, or governance, acumen or professional success.

Manipulatively abusive and self-serving racism, like sexism, is perniciously percolated -- like a disease in our blood -- into our psyches and socio-economic structures over generations of normalized tradition in shared deeds, including patterns of speech, and accepted attitudes.

Like any victory of good ("ripeness," Biblically) over evil, abortion of indwelling mysogyny requires conscious decision, honest self-awareness, and effectively activated strategies toward thorough transformation by as many individuals as possible in collective cooperation.

Chaos, digital graphic by jH Hitching women's civil rights, socio-economic advancement, and wholesomely actualized well-being in all spheres to Abortion, not Planned Parenthood, [and the advancement of government careers focused on gender ego over egalitarian social good] has been catastrophically divisive and litigatiously diversionary from all the other issues of critical significance to women and girls. There is no sisterhood for the majority of females with Emily's List tactics, methods and morals (or lack thereof).

Amongst prominent contemporary women lawyers with very different public personnas and private personalities are: Michelle Obama, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Sonia Sotomayor, Nancy Pelosi, Elena Kagan, and Loretta Lynch. The two women -- Madeleine Jana Korbel Albright and Condoleezza "Condi" Rice -- who preceded Hillary Clinton in the office of USA Secretary of State are not attorneys.

Imagine this! Real women and real men can "bake cookies," plan a meal and/or family, happily, AND pursue successfully non-culinary [OR legal!] careers!

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Sleepless in Somnambula...... but we must press on.

crucial character questions for HRC [Her Royal C]:

*has she ever told or created a spontaneous joke?
*how many pairs of shoes has she? (her "real womanhood" has been often doubted voluably)
*does she believe browser cookies should be boiled or baked, or done braised southern-style? or deep-fat fried?
*can she pass the evening gown portion of the presidential test?
*will her "talent" be nosehair-picking again?
*what will she do with her coif on board Air Force One? will she ride it with the top down or up?
*does she know any good lawyer jokes? banjo jokes? [ her "real americanism" has been doubted also]
*can she discern the difference between a banjo and a cookie? (or do they all look the same to her?)
*why should we trust the presidency to someone that admittedly can't handle having more than one email address, or keep track of two or more ephones?
*will having 50 states plus a coupla territories be just too inconvenient for her to keep together in the oval office --nevermind on the tarmac?
*did HRC use government email for personal, intimate "sweet nothings"? or are they included in the tens of thousands made public now by her staff from the private Secretary of State account?
*Pajamas or nighties? or bare all?

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Travel Showreel 2014 GH3 from Tom Pinsard on Vimeo.

Alien, oil pastel by jH !Lilliput Jobo!
Graphics above: Alien, oil pastel by jH, and photograph of !Lilliput Jobo!

Video above: Tim Buckley performing his "Aren't You The Girl"

Appalachian Mountains photo by Charlie Dyer, Kingsport TN, Click for 'Appalachian Voices'

Appalachian Stream photo by Charlie Dyer Kingsport TN, Click for 'Appalachian Ecology'

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