"Ivory: A Yankee in Confederate country"
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"Ivory: A Yankee in Confederate country"

The post-war losses to late-1800s financial assets of southerners -- without a knowledge tradition of individual industry and/or honorable investment -- deprived of marketable slave laborers, present and procreated, through abolition and reconstruction in addition to battle-desecrated realty, worthless confederate paper accumulated in transactional money and commercial bonds overwhelmingly bankrupted southern populace and governance in conditions that presage post-WWI, peri-Depression, pre-Nazi Germany.

I have lived/worked sentiently within southern culture for over 50 personal-to-professional adult years. It is profoundly, malevolently, and viciously racist/sexist and abusively/aggressively S&M criminally insane by genetics and mores from fetus to fatality. The confederate flag reps its delusionally "whitey" false grandeur, hypocritical piety, daemonically-wielded honor (among thieves), and whitewashed mythological history.

It can't survive as is in The Internet/Information Age. Critical transformation is crucial for its continuance into the 22nd century and beyond.

I support the death penalty for those prosecuted and found indubitably guilty for instigation of and active involvement in the torturously heinous crimes forced on me 1997-2015 resulting in near-total physical disability currently. If that includes my erstwhile "best friend," Jbo's (Scarlet) Rebecca Susan Price Grindstaff and/or her daughter, Leah Price Grindstaff Daily -- or my half-sister, Socal's Kathryn Miles Fenton, I agree to no exceptions. "Civil war" is a tragically ugly thing, and satanic to revive.

It's unlikely that a "crime spree" was ever more thoroughly and publically documented in cross-referenced-and-witnessed professional detail.

In simple English: In fall 1997, Page County VA deputies and their (now-deceased) magistrate made me by armed force and bondage a (raped and robbed) hostage to a trespassing known-to-be-dangerous regional native hulking criminal male in my own house on my own land; it is totally unconstitutional to arrest a homeowner without first serving a court-approved warrant for probable cause. They subsequently cascadingly compounded the initial crime till the cumulative total is between 50 to 100 now. My home was subsequently looted and vandalized as legal authorities there refused -- on request -- to protect it as also sworn, paid and promise-guaranteed. No one has ever been prosecuted or punished, federally or statewide, for any of these acknowledged crimes while I have been jailed and mugged five times, essentially for peaceably protesting them, voluably.

In cash, credit and collectible antiques -- much criminally demolished and dispersed throughout, I was in my name alone worth legally monetized probably well over a quietly reserved million dollars at the onset of this tormentous saga.

How about a new flag design for the south -- one that appeals to contemporary industry and tourists and residents --referencing its best peacefully productive aspects? [e.g. ACRInc has its own distinctly-designed flag.]

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