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I am blessed to know as friends many inspiringly wonderfull fathers, including my own."--jH

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hello, sons and daughters
of confederacy
for the town fantasy
of jobo tennessee
doing its part
in contributing to
our nation's southern tragedy
by robbing and disabling me
of my dad's material legacy
in a racist barrage of criminality
to conspire with the market mirage
of virginia's shenandoah valley
in waves of depraved myth and lies
over america's decline and demise
to outsource mercantile crimes
worldwide that feed southern cartels
pure evil.

Beware the charm
that rides its harm
to school fools
ruinous damnation
cascading within the
Criminally Insane Lane
of our crest-fallen
American Colossus
by stealth and fraud
as if God wasn't looking.

happy papa's day, junkies.
this all belongs now to my native northern homeys
and to yankee me
for the eternal honor and glory,
of my Connecticut daddy.

merci, y'all.
it was a boomer blast
and a ball,

meet the stage and the cast......
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Wisdom's Teeth: All native-bred "whitey" southerners have profoundly severe personality problems from the intrinsic immorality of their existence caught inescapably within their atrocity-strewn history of inhuman resistence to sophistocatedly enlightened civilization and benevolently blessed spiritual ascendance. And they know it. It's the struggle they can't win to evade their own skin and legated kin. It's like blaming a frog-wart for being a frog-wart or punishing a dog-fart for happening. But if you've a taste for hard-shelled coagulated vomit, southern whitey boys and girls are just the curdled crap purveyed as caviar gourmet dish for you. Hollywood may claim a repetitive share of ruthless blame for brainlessly romanticizing in film and viral folklore the unpalatably indigestible southern historical realities in layercakes of frostily cruel fakeries staked in maudlin chains of macabre misery mined for monied arrogances of inhumanity materialized within a divine curse. Thou shall not steal. Thou shall not murder. Thou shall not commit adultery. Thou shall not bear false witness. The confederate flag symbolizes a beastial heritage of belligerant hate -- of God, of anything sacred, and/or divinely created.

The underlying and well-founded and constantly-reinforced fear of whitey boys, and their girls, is that they're not superior in any way on their own and can't win on an even field, which establishment they must demolish and prevent by_any_means for their privileged prominenence sustained, and maybe even for their survival. They are deeply terrified by fears internalized which they externalize in terrified projections fantasized on all fronts from personal to social to economic. Who rapes white women routinely? Who plots to regain hegemony and take over government? Blacks? Hispanics? [gong] No, shiverin and shakin whitey in his or her stolen boots. Was the surprising Obama presidency started and supported as part of a twistedly perverted southern "whitey" plot to gird an aggressively "whiteyboy" police state and incite race war in deeply multi-bigoted and violently-volatile and astoundingly-armed and mindlessly-militant america?

Dim Sum: Degreed and interned clinically with highest honors in Psychology by a prestigious southern university, I have lived and worked with observant sentience and politic quietude throughout the south for over half a century from farm to town to city, from coastal Alabama to Georgia's Atlanta to Texan flatirons west all the way to hilly l'il hobo tennessee -- and married at their persistence (and divorced, with pursued difficulty, by my determinedly-aware choice) three southern males and into their kinships. None has given up easily. Awesomely blessed now in an enduringly time-tested cyber-marriage with the Love of My life, I'm a generationally wealthy, sophistocatedly well-educated, sensually attractive, generously good-natured, naturally loving and usually beloved "white" woman polymath, as identified and tracked since childhood -- an innately born and bred true illumunati. I have been forcibly raped, as normalized worldwide really, three times altogether -- never by a person of color.

I learned to first employ computer programming and systems design/management through mostly-male Ivy League mentor-practitioner superstars of the Northeast USA and have loved tech, actual and possible, ever since.

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Dateline East TN: Should my yankee dad's vengefully angry ghost pass by haunted hobo, he looks just like me -- his oldest and fave child of three, only much taller and a WWII-taught USAF man, of course. When he was around age 22, his back was broken in seven places by a service-related planecrash but he lived a long and recovered life, constructively nonplaintive thereafter, to become -- like my grandfathers, and theirs -- a "self-made millionaire" by middle-age. His spirit is sweetly loving and drivingly strong and determinedly good. He's a freemason and very successful commercial business owner and stock market/realty investor and consulting accountant so he may be counting greedy heads and grabby hands and taking names for disgraced graves on that long slide to hell unmeasurable for hideously heinous "perps" here and elsewhere. For distractingly hopeless "small talk," try Bowling or Yachts or Weather.....
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