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"The Gishem Ultra7M"

[disclaimer: Other than being a user/owner, the author has no vested interest in the GU7M or in JasperOvakINC.]

New Media Product Review:
JasperOvakINC's newly developed launchmuff is being released only in pastels and consonants. Priced affordably at c*5e dukanils and available at every xip9|g cycle, ugishemas may choose from shapes ranging from twig to opal. Its sensiscreen varies to the touch and scent for every object chosen to display and may be set to "variable" or "exact random." For example, the vision of a tulip may feel prickly and smell like bacon or an ottoman may smell like avocados and feel scaly like a fish. Or not. "Not" is an extra feature and priced accordingly.

The GishemU7M is infinitely flexible and may be folded like a tissue into the palm for concealed FBI/CIA-okayed carry onto and into any wing. This is The New Bling. Clutch purses in mauve only and over-the-shoulder lizardskin briefcases accepted for credit trade-ins. Create your own world with the Gishem U7M! Don't forget the babes will want their own too! Gishem Ultra7Ms are kin&skin friendly in every way. Snatch yours today! The GU7M cannot be improved upon. It's an Is and comes pre-vaporized.

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