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blarney&bluster chill: Trump couldn't possibly be as he appears on the campaign trail in the conduct of business or he'd not have been so notably successful in the majority of his enterprises. "the business of america is business," and he's remarkably savvy in that and in orchestrating an outside-the-box campaign that's multi-dimensionally engaged a near-somnolent and jaundiced electorate nationwide and globally. our political history has never been as neat and clean, or correct, as grade school professed. parsing literally his words and statements is as meaninglessly useless as applying math algorithms to Jimi Hendrix riffs and hoping to catch the vibe.

Solfeggio Frequencies

63-174-285-396-417-528-639-741-852-963-1074-1185 Hz


(174-285-396-417 Hz)

frequency pairs=999 Hz

174 Hz

285 Hz

396 Hz

417 Hz

(528-639 Hz)

all 6 basic frequencies

Solfeggio tune

9 frequencies separately

528 Hz

639 Hz

12-frequency arpeggio with binaural beats

(741-852-963 Hz)

12-note ancient scale

all in one

741 Hz

852 Hz

936 Hz

10 Solfeggio frequencies with binaural beats

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