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Galax -- The Greater Generation


Ancient Enmity: Latin Litmus

(~2454 words)

by Jeannette Harris

Summary Introduction: "Galax" is a section of ACRInc's 22-part Prism supersection -- a compendium of multiply-sourced, incontravertible and extensive investigative documentations of subterranean "neo-Confederate" (and "neo-Nazi") infiltration and insurrection from the assassination of President Lincoln through that of John F. Kennedy into the increasingly-infected North American body politic enabled by "co-traveling" Roman Catholic Vatican City strategies toward regaining its monopolistically autocratic Controlling Power and Material Wealth from slavishly-fleeced and violently-frightened hordes globally of non-"white" males in near-limitless funding, tactical instruction/incultation through historically-tested modus operendi and guerrilla enforcement by its military contingents in the international vice/drug cartel from Mafia to MS13. --jH, June 2014

Author Preface: I lived and worked as a self-supporting adult Virginia taxpayer/citizen/voter throughout three decades [30 (thirty) years 1969-1998], admirably and honorably in and for the Commonwealth (including with the Criminal Division of its Attorney General's Office), responsibly purchased and furnished and maintained there four houses [Richmond, NE Arlington, riverside Luray (2)] and three landlots [Luray (2), Lovingston] there, earned and paid for a high honors (summa cum laude in Psychology, VCU 1978) Click for enlargement -- ACR Caprice Kaleide Folk Art Digital 'the library of life' degree from its state university, created and owned managerially three popularly successful small businesses [Luray 1986-1996] there, earned and maintained in my name alone outstandingly excellent local and inter/national credit, including three mortgages, and market investments, and have been test-designated and class-tracked as cross-acumen "gifted" since grade school through profitably successful international conglomerate software engineering employment as an adult. And in its first murkily questionable sneak-attack opportunity at the outset of "The Internet Revolution," it near-fatally kidnapped, raped, drugged and mugged me with widely-witnessed quiescent criminal complicity from Richmond to NashVegas to Washington D.C. (i.e. Axis of Evil NeoNatals to NashVeggies to NoDos) at every level and nookery.

I'm fascinated to live to comprehend that seemingly-unprecedented USA phenomenon -- as a multiplicitous macro-consequence of which our sorrowful nation is now viewed, in fact and actuality, with dismissively contemptuous condolence by many globally as a "third world country" -- and to learn its true source more extensively. Meanwhile, Beijing nor Abu Dabai nor Moscow appear to have a "Marshall Plan" on the drawing board for us.

I ended up in the American South accidentally, not by conscious choice, Click for enlargement -- ACR Caprice Kaleide Folk Art Digital 'the good wabbitware' following a Florida marriage nearly fifty years (half a century) past to a displaced East Tennessean [lifeguard at my grandparents' condo-pool] who returned to finish on his golf scholarship an East Tennessee State University degree in athletic coaching/teaching. At seventy years of age, I'd leave the region now, but the filthily criminal and legendarily psychopathological South has multiply and medically-uncorrectibly disabled, crippled and near-bankrupted me by catastrophically-cascaded and taxpayer-funded and officially sanctioned-and-abetted frauds, and numerous other crimes -- that's the kind of place it is still, as too often documented historically, under its "unpleasant" covers. Providentially I've ended up in an exceptionally outstanding oasis ("promised land" for a native Bostonian with a Maine island-nurtured love of country nature) -- Jonesborough Tennessee.

Unwittingly, I've learned more, unavoidably and completely unignorably, "up close and personal" than I ever consciously chose or desired about the globally-documented Southern "mores" substituted regularly and historically with casual nonchalance for defensibly arguable morality by profiteering celebrants of mass bigotry and usurious exploitation. Generationally-debased mothers tolerate by complicit witness for personal socio-economic survival reasons sexual and other violently physical harm to their children. Officials, and other residents, frequently are functionally unable to pass the sanity bar of being able to distinguish right from wrong, criminal from victim, or comprehend demonstrably the significant gravity of that impotence.

Alcohol and other drug abuse, using and marketing, complicate to dangerous exaggeration Southern dysfunctions spread virally from intimate to communal relationships.

My Mountain Empire arts and culture enterprise, A Country Rag Incorporated, now directs its non-profit 501(C)(3) learning, educational and promotional activities exclusively toward East Tennessee, especially Jonesborough, and northern reaches of the Appalachian [Mountain Empire] range. And, since I'm unable physically to leave the wretched proto-confederate southlands but ACRInc properties are not, they are legated in perpetuity by will dated July 4, 2014, to Boston's Harvard University as noted in the Site Credits.

Exposition Intro: "Ancient Enmity" is a section of ACRInc's 22-part Prism supersection -- a compendium of multiply-sourced, incontravertible and extensive investigative documentations of subterranean "neo-Confederate" (and "neo-Nazi") infiltration and insurrection from the assassination of President Lincoln through that of John F. Kennedy into the increasingly-infected North American body politic enabled by "co-traveling" Roman Catholic Vatican City strategies toward regaining its monopolistically autocratic Controlling Power and Material Wealth from slavishly-fleeced and violently-frightened hordes globally of non-"white" males in near-limitless funding, tactical instruction/incultation through historically-tested modus operendi and guerrilla enforcement by its military contingents in the international vice/drug cartel from Mafia to MS13. --jH, June 2014

ACR, Latin Litmus "Latin Litmus" traces, in search of their true source, the historically hostile interactions -- beginning with the peri-crucifixion Roman seige and slaughter of Jerusalem through Vatican WWII fascist complicity and the contemporary defamation of accolyte Mel Gibson's luridly inflamatory film The Passion of Christ -- between Jews, individually and en masse, and recorded Roman Catholic Church doctrine, semitic stigmatization and targeted persecutions.

click for Holiday Home Zigplay Most of the American South is pagan, not Judeo-Christian. The God of Israel (and Jesus) never "had any truck" with slavery (remember Egypt, Jerusalem, Masada, and the occupying Roman forces?) or its rotten fruit/s (e.g. pirated plantation remnants). Jesus, and his kin and disciples, is an honorably skilled and industriously laboring Semite raised in/adhering to Judaic traditions/culture/spirituality.

ACRInc,Latin Litmus There is a parallel analogy to the [Confederate] South's attitudes toward Africans, whose labors and land also were stolen for the unrecompensed aggrandisement of mostly male "whites," and it is a fundamental ally of the seldom-prosecuted, never-audited and never-taxed Roman Catholic Church, Inc. (in its various current manifestations, including "born again Christian" and Southern Episcopal).

Fascism's Third Reich was "The Final Solution" hoped for by the Roman Catholic "Church," (Inc.) for its historically-obfuscated usurpation of the ["white" or "black"] Jew's religion, Holy Books, Messiah, God, Spirit, and real property for the expansionist, exploitative enrichment of Gentiles (mostly male). The USA was founded by [pilgrim] Protestants seeking freedom from Roman Catholic Church dogma and hierarchical control, mentally and materially. The accurate recording, remembrance of history is fright/threatenening to those whose power and profit depend on self-servingly distorted disinformation and dissemblance.

There is no salvation from/in worshipping, however confusedly, Roman gods.

Due to structural and systemic devastations wrought throughout the Confederate American Civil War they sought, instigated and started and amidst misconceived subsequent Union-provided Reconstruction to its bereftly bankrupt brethren and borders, those Southerners considered now to be mid-to-upper class are necessarily -- with a few delightfully notable exceptions -- nouveau riche with those stereotypically attendant attitudes and activities.

If the Shenandoah and Virginia and others elsewhere choose to accept and follow advice, counsel, instruction and/or direction from individuals they know experientially to be criminal, that is exercising the FreeWill given us by the God of Abraham, Jesus et al to distinguish and partake of Good or Evil, False or True ("Ripe" or rotten).

In that sense, the Garden of Eden is every day/minute/hour on our blue planet spinning through God's fathomless universe.

Soberly honest self-examination and self-correction is essential for the finely-tuned instrument that is an optimally-functioning, self-actualized human being God created imperfect, leaving step-by-step guidance directions/instructions to ascension, for reasons theologians may argue, into the Limbo of Life. We are designed to be our brothers and sisters keepers as well as our own "with due diligence."

click for Holiday Home Zigplay If gentiles like "born again" Texan George W. Bush wish to hasten the Second Coming for themselves, they might start by taking those painful steps of restitutive atonement centuries overdue to Jews and their Messiah, and their God of Abraham and David and Israel, and to Jesus and the rest of his extended fam.

click for Bible New Testament reference And they might with a giant gulp of gentile ego study, accept and convert to Judaism to deeply comprehend in context the experience, faith, and message teachings of Jesus Christ from the inside out (profoundly) rather than from the outside in (superficially) -- thereby becoming themselves Chosen People of Palestine's God of Abraham spiritually if not genetically [keeping in mind, though, that this is a God and Messiah of material miracles also]. (see of horses and jews)

Or G.W. et al, to "hasten the second coming" might join a kibbutz or move to Brookline MA for a total immersion experience with and to become one with/of the Chosen People of the Israelite God and of Jesus Christ.They need to prepare, though, to like chopped liver. and lox. and maybe raw hamburger. and knishes. (see Jewish Foods)

apologize for massacreing the earliest Jewish Christians, which may have substantially delayed the Second Coming for 2000 years or so, and for torture/murdering Jesus, which deed necesitated a "Second Coming" in the first place, and for co-opting without fair attribution or compensation their history and religion, heroes and heroines, sages and potentates;

return all Jewish properties stolen by armed seizure, including lands;

fund compensation monetarily to Jewish families victimized during Third Reich atrocities and other genocidal holocausts over two millenia for their criminally demolished lives, health and income wealth.

Or send them a handwritten Christmas card because it's the easiest and cheapest thing to do.

Speciously vacuous and vapidly vain postures of self-righteous proselityzing and/or further victimizing of God's Chosen People are unlikely to soften spiritually any holy hearts toward materially tight-fisted and self-insentient non-semitic hypocrites that "talk the talk" for superficially transient earthly gain while fearing to "walk the walk" for eternally immortal ascendance.

There is no expedient "easy way out," no bargain-rate shortcut through that "narrow gate."

Coffers and Coffins

Keeping in mind that War is a catastrophic cavalcade of crimes [(deadly) sins] prosecutably penalized severely in peacetime, it won't surprise our victimized everyday taxpaying citizen workers to learn that our "corporate leaders," encouraged by Bush/Cheney era capitalist theorists to focus on the (deadly) Greed principle, have been studying assiduously war game strategies [not Accounting, Economics, Business Law or Sociology, or Ethics] to advance their mercantile interests (and line their pockets with unearned properties rightfully belonging to others, historically a major impetus of military incursion).

The phrase "war crimes" is kind of an oxymoron, since war is a complex compoundment of interconnected crimes but some are singled out legally as being too heinous for enactment even in War, with no statute of limitations on prosecution and few safe havens globally for authenticated "perps."

There is a lot of subtle propaganda and advertising by usually covert war profiteers that something worthwhile and good comes out of the carnage and torment of War and, therefore, it needs to be perpetuated, "the flame tended" -- the combatants rearmed multi-dimensionally, for an infinitely reseeding state of War, i.e. autogamically endless Hell on earth, "war consumer" weeds ever-repropagated to feed "guaranteed income" unceasingly to a greedily thieving market beast in the garden of the Prince of Peace.

Most of our major corporations ["People," Constitutionally a la the "born again" Bush/Cheney SCOTUS] pay no taxes, as if they are tax-exempt religious institutions or churches, while needful peacetime services, including infrastructure, for our workaday citizenry go begging and borrowing. What, or who, does our 21st century nation worship and hold sacred really?

This nation, the legal entity defined by our federal Constitution and titled the United States of America, was founded by Protestants (and Deists) seeking freedom, especially religious freedom, from torturously-entrenched oppression and impoverishingly-abhorrent dictates of expansionist Roman Catholic "church" installations' bellicosely-monopolistic commercial corporate policies and politics overseas.

Now is the time to open and reputuably audit accounting books of the tax-exempt and judicially-isolated Roman Catholic "church" cult. What (other) hate-mongering and war-profiteering entities are its vast genocidally-stolen and autocratically-skammed global assets invested in???

Analytically -- since this is my field of scholastic and clinical, and experiential, expertise -- I believe that most "white" American Southerners externalize (materialize) the individually interior spiritual and ethical conflicts they're born somewhat inescapably into by location, geographic and ecological and atmospheric, and by personal history, genetic and genealogical and eventual, relevant to morally indefensible and unrestituted thefts (exponentially and multi-dimensionally, including slavery, to establish/enhance their own carnal luxury and leisure) and that they displace that discomfort without cognizant awareness or real possibility of individual or familial or communal psychic (mental and emotional) resolution by attacking representatives of the "body politic" (e.g. Yankees) not so afflicted.

In this sense, the Confederacy is nothing but an organized and militarized criminal gang (cartel) for the furtherance of a complex of sins called "War" -- like the warrior cults of the bellicosely expansionist Roman Empire historically -- that are prosecutably and punitively recognized as crimes in peacetime civil societies.

Near-hysterical modern day revisionist insistence that the Civil War was "not about slavery" is revealing of the profound guilt, shame and embarassment southerners most profoundly experience in regard to incontravertible historical facts, events and documentation of the Confederacy -- essentially a criminal cartel, or organized crime racket, to ensure the material needs and wants of a small cadre of autocratically cruel and deeply crude "white" southerners.

Profoundly sado-masochistic Confederate losers, old and neo, of the southerners' "civil war" have been so dissatisfied with the generous kindness to which they've been treated by gently victorious northerners that they've insisted upon 21st century living reenactment amidst us toward a more everlastingly satisfactory coital conclusion for themselves to meet their orgasmic metaphysical and bodily needs.

Confederates cannot really separate themselves bodily from those aspects of themselves (including their biological and behavioral history, which includes considerable inter-racial mating and breeding) they find unpleasantly unappealing -- any more than they can create a geological isthmus (by radioactively-contaminating "nukes," politically or otherwise) of theft and slave/master-afflicted Southern states. As inner-tormented Virginian Thomas Jefferson once observed "there is nothing I would not sacrifice to a practicable plan of abolishing every vestige of this moral and political depravity."

Desperate Confederate "white" southern sloth (a deadly sin also) led to the CSA [which banned any further African slave imports in its Constitution] envisioning, militantly, their "Final Solution" -- a monopolistic economic system supported by forced breeding and marketing of African slaves as capitalist commodities.

In other words, the racial demarkation "white" is not the physics of "white," nor is it Pure Light.

The phrase "civil war" is an inner/self-contradictory oxymoron linguistically and a glittering "deep structure" (Chomsky) clue to the true and actual underlying psychological "issue" of psychotic impossibility where words have mattered.

Raised in New England homes where the spirit and letter of the laws of God and man were referenced regularly in dutifully devotional detail with respectful reverence educated through my grandmother's father, a popularly successful Denver attorney, entrepreneur, investor, and Freemason, I've been [sometimes speechlessly] astounded through recent decades of pseudo-legal hubris-imbued abrogations and casually malicious mispresentations and delusional distortions, lay to accredited.

If we think of government, analogically and/or actually, as composed of and functioning as divorce lawyers that don't really want the two parties they purportedly represent to reconcile or to agree on anything, including a clearly workable settlement, because there's no "shell game" money in any of that for the parasitically nonproductive attorneys in attendance, present and future..... we will recognize that, in the main, they are (from lobbyist to legislator to office aide to judge) manipulatively cynical warmongers and corrupted war profiteers intent on inciting endless "civil wars" everywhere at every level and within every dimension of life and health on earth for their own personal power and material profit, exclusively, and to the ruin and wreck of truly representative government and of the majority of resident worker/taxpayer/citizens.

The ignition and continual stoking of mindless rage is essential to the propagation of reactive behaviorial emotions that constitute War. Interestingly, Mohatmas Ghandi, outstandingly, was a highly-trained and well-educated barrister who understood "the game" and the extreme pacifist measures needed to end and win it for the right and the good, the just and the fair.

Legal "professionals" (frequently referenced as "hired guns," meaning "mercenary soldiers" in the service of any paying protagonist) of this era don't enter their careers out of love for the law in the way/s musicians join bands or orchestras in devotional affection for music, but rather out of cynically corrupt contention for personal profit and power to which the artificial "practice of law" is but a vehicle.

Our only real hope and practical prayer is that they will caringly and intelligently and soberly recognize they they and their progeny through the generations to follow must exist necessarily also in the increasingly fragile and unpleasantly fractious worlds they thus create.

Decades back, we had Problems which implied that there would be Resolutions; now we have Issues instead which, like noxious weeds that continually reseed themselves or as artesian wells, endlessly spawn remunerative "makework" for the attorneys that dug and continue to tap into them.


Archive Supersection -- A Country Rag Site Credits

text and graphics c. Jeannette Harris and A Country Rag, Inc. May 2014. Jonesborough, TN. All rights reserved.

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