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It's interesting: The feel of East Tennessee now is the same as it was in the mid-60s. That groovy peak around y2k is gone, I'd say forever. Whatever forces aligned just right for that, I'm glad to have experienced and recorded it -- and remember it clearly despite the strokes and multiple disabilities its current resident criminal vermin have caused so nonchallantly. Quite a few peeps involved back when are gone, dead or otherwise disappeared, and a lot of the businesses and other events can't possibly exist again in the current vibe.

Historic Jobo TN  Mixed Bag free weekend Recipient of the highest international awards for excellence in content and design ACRInc's website, legally belonging to its creator (me) and altogether legated back now -- along with all the rest of my property, extant and/or recoverable (larceny-strewn or looter-"fenced" from FL to DC/VA-TN)--to my esteemably-prestigious and inspiringly-historic northern USA native home, archive volumes 3-8 relate especially to the circa y2k era hereabouts in what has since chosen to become "the charming" (proto-confederate) south. If anyone feels like recalling/reliving "camelot".....

And a new ACRInc memorial tribute supersection in honor and remembrance of Main Street Jonesborough Fine Arts Gallery, the first groovy private gallery in town since cozily classy Acorns&Ivy closed shop, and all the labor lost and funds foundered on a hypocritically uncivil and charmless few blocks of flounderingly embarassing southern socio-political putrescence.......

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retro review: serendipitously, i've known by life/work immersion quite a few places in maybe their coolest true prime -- 'Frisco late 60s; Richmond mid-70s; DC early 80s; Manhattan early 60s; Shenandoah early 90s; Hobo early 00s; South Florida 50s-60s; Asheville/High Country 60s&10s; New England anytime...... Also fortunately, I have a photographic (all-sense eidetic) memory so I can pick and choose amidst revisiting what and where, here in my doterage.
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paraphrased quip: True USA treasures of peeps, produce and place are stored Up North where it's cold so they'll keep better.

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Convert Thrash: graphically-overladen ACRInc WordArt hypertext supersection (parts II, III and V) to plain text e-book format, maybe with an early 2016 focus-date.....
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compose Guise: Fellini-type comedic drama of an adventurous androgyne encountering, when prayerfully confused or confounded, diversely contemporary to historic to mythic human characters and communicative animals and fabled objects messaging
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Historic Jobo TN  Mixed Bag free weekend Swamps of ghostly spanish moss malinger to fiddle-finger the future into a morass of satanic trash trailing tomorrow into today. The grossly grotesque goulash of ghoulish ethnicities, making up the freakily cretin Franklinite "preacher" Price and Miz Eliz fam of skammer artist abusers creeping and crying for christ -- raised on rotting cobwebs inherited of delusion and deceit and drugs in acridly edged plates of tectonic tedium typical of the self-secludedly real and seldom-known, secretively-shorn underbelly of the charmingly leerie south -- where the witch and the warlock reckon on each traveling stranger sloshing through for a farthing or a rescripted note, has faded into filthy beds and bungled bars of a forgotten tune bilged on a uke puking of piss and bile from mottled marionettes still plucking from the dustily muddled distance of a dredged hell....
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Historic Jobo TN  Mixed Bag free week evits write The Tevi Major Migrant Crisis: a comedy skit of Evits, physiological aliens from Planet Tevi Minor interacting w/humans and on earth, and every time an Evit does something inadvertently horribly harmful or unknowingly atrociously awful, it shrugs blankly to parrot, "i'm sorry."

And along memory lane with nyt's timesmachine: THE Beatles spent an unprecedented four months and $100,000 on their new album, "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band"....

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