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August 2015....

Catsup: Not counting time served as a performing arts "child prodigy" toddler, i've worked full-time -- mostly office work from clerical to management -- since my 17th year of age in central Boston MA. I mean, I was born working. That isn't a complaint; I'm very grateful for my New England Yankee heritage: it's ever-aspiringly awesome and worthily challenging.

Historic Mixed Bag Mushots Weirdness note: I attended (as did mother) on partial academic scholarship the private prep school for Hillary's MA alma mater, Wellesley. In career knowledge and life experience and character values, i have more in common with [my tech tutor] M.I.T.'s Carly tho.

Historic Mixed Bag Mushots Cumulatively of fifty years living south of the mason-dixon line, from all the region's insultingly assaultive crimes, this healthily graceful and finely-tuned and knowledgeably well-maintained dancer/acrobat/musician/singer's body now can't drive or walk or talk clearly or swallow easily or nimbly use any part of its left side. or hold any of my family's generationally-beloved heirlooms "rebels" stole, ruined and dispersed. those perps have done nothing voluntarily to make amends for their irrefutably indefensible attacks on and thefts from me, but just just added more lies and more violently vile crimes to try (vainly) to cover up the original ones. that's hardly a route to forgiveness, or good karma, for them or their children and communities.

Historic Mixed Bag Mushots I've owned cyberhome ACRInc nearly as long as i did my ground farmette in shenandoah -- kinda built both up "from scratch" over two (very different) decades (and centuries!... and mediums), straddling before/after y2k from tv/film landlines into our current wireless internet/info age.

[all my photo albums are stolen] To date, i've bought/remodeled my half of four houses and one solely mine, created and built three popularly successful businesses, and worked my way through college with earned high honors. Cited below is the 20-year Shenandoah home i chose to solely own, bought with my own cash money, loved and remodeled, furnished and maintained for two decades. and shared generously and graciously and freely with all others w/o any prejudice or bigotry, including its envied riverfront beach. i had plumbing installed, a septic system and well, and a fireplace, chimney, second bath, and laundry room, annual-to-perennial flower and herb gardens, summer and winter vegetable raised beds, fruit trees and bushes. i baked cookies for the workers i hired and supervised, as a 'thank you' for their good efforts. Fall/winter 1997, it was all robbed, looted and vandalized by criminally insane drunkenly drugged-out neighbors encouraged by southern "criminal law," which also enabled the supragrand larceny of nearly all my treasured heritage yankee family heirlooms. i know. "[shrug] sorry."

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UNITED DAUGHTERS OF THE CONFEDERACY (Historical Educational Benevolent Memorial Patriotic)

Mixed Bag 70 The List:

Delineation of crimes surrounding my calling VA-Shenandoah E911 10/8/1997 for promised and paid property protection

defintion legal-dictionary: criminally insane Village Bar

1. armed robbery,
2. assault and battery,
3. attempted murder,
4. bad faith in contractual obligations,
5. brainwashing,
6. burglary,
7. child abuse,
8. conspiracy to defraud,
9. conspiracy to commit misdemeanors and felonies,
10. creating a hostile work environment,
11. credit card theft and fraud,
12. defamation,
13. domestic violence and spousal abuse,
14. denial of due process,
15. defamation (of character),
16. disorderly conduct,
17. disturbing the peace,
18. eavesdropping,
19. enslavement,
20. extortion(of $1250 in specious attorney fees and around $3500 in similiarly spurious Court fees),
21. false advertising,
22. false arrest as part of a pattern of official criminal corruption, *22a. four false imprisonments and institutionalizations having absolutely no basis in law or reality but a great deal to do with others claiming false identities and stolen possessions for themselves, 23. forced and completely unjustified and inappropriate, near-fatal psychotropic drugging for four years,
24. forgery,
25. fraud (knowing misrepresentation and advertisement as a "public service" of forcible participation in E911 -- a commercial, for-profit, monopolistic, and criminal enterprise, unsupervised and unpenalized by non-extantly reputable and responsible higher authorities in Virginia and federal law enforcement despite much notice and evidence of malfeasance and malfunction over the years of its existence and extension),
26. elder abuse,
27. grand larceny and
28. petit larceny,
29. gross negligence and dereliction of duty,
30. identity theft,
31. libel,
32. looting,
33. ineffective, misleading and illegal counsel and other violations of accepted and official professional standards and accreditations,
34. kidnapping,
35. looting,
36. medical and legal malpractice,
37. murder,
38. negligent homicide,
39.obstruction of justice,
40. "peeping Tom"-ism,
41. perjury,
42. physical abuse,
43. racketeering,
44. rape,
45. religious discrimination and violation,
46. sexual and verbal harassment,
47. sexual discrimination,
48. "squatting,"
49. subornation of perjury and other felonies,
50. theft,
51. torture,
52. privacy invasion,
53. wrongful death,
54. slander,
55. treason (contravention of all the Amendments known as the Bill of Rights plus the 13th, 14th and 19th to the Constitution of the United States), 56. trespassing, 57. uncivil disobedience,
58. unfair and illegal competitive practices in commerce,
59. vandalism,
*61. verbal and physical threats, and other techniques of tormenting prisoners-of-war

my artsy resume

Chameleon: Beasts and Heathens [Incarcerations/Losses/Enslavements/Insanities/Nightmares]


acrinc:prism of infinite lies

acrinc: The Awful Anthology

#usastrong and healing: Of all the severely serious problems america needs to be addressing, we are riveted instead to the horrors caused by klan-conspiring psychopaths in sc and texas.

nytimeslens: ferguson-a-year-after-michael-brown

breitbart: anonymous-to-texas-no-mercy-for-murderers

#sayhername #blacklivesmatter #justiceforsandrabland #rageforsandra
#whathappenedtosandrabland #sandrawasmurdered #change
#doj #blackwomenmatter #txlege #sandrabland #SandraSTILLspeaks
#sayhername #blacklivesmatter #justiceforsandrabland #rageforsandra
#whathappenedtosandrabland #sandrawasmurdered #change
#doj #blackwomenmatter #txlege #sandrabland #SandraSTILLspeaks
#sayhername #blacklivesmatter #justiceforsandrabland
#whathappenedtosandrabland #sandrawasmurdered #change #rageforsandra
#doj #blackwomenmatter #txlege #sandrabland #SandraSTILLspeaks
nyt: the-voting-rights-act-at-50
truthdig: what_would_justice_for_sandra_bland_actually_look_like

nyt: an-indelible-black-and-white-line
nyt: projecting-change slideshow
nyt: (8/9/45 nuked) nagasaki-the-forgotten-city
nyt: lesbos-greece-migrant-refugee-crisis
houston: waller-county-responds-to-sandra-bland-family-lawsuit
nyt: regional-natural-disasters

aljazeera: battle-texas-confederate-monuments-heats


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