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May 2015....

meditation for the day: is God a "drama queen"? Flooding the whole planet. Parting the Red Sea. Swarms of locusts. The Resurrection. Etcetera. Etcetera. Etcetera. Or is it that difficult to get our attention from everyday concerns and trivialities?

There is ample hard evidence, internationally accessible and fully documented and indefensible, for the USA and the U.N. to define the UDC as a criminally terrorist hate organization -- and most of the American South as a state that boldly sponsors terrorism, historically and now.

SPLC: the-neo-confederate-movement

DN: Survived Two Tours in Iraq Only to Die Begging for His Life in Texas Jail

UNITED DAUGHTERS OF THE CONFEDERACY (Historical Educational Benevolent Memorial Patriotic)

artfinder: emma-cownie

nyt: eus-military-crackdown-on-migrant-smugglers-stirs-skepticism

nyt: isis-fighters-control-ancient-city-of-palmyra

nh: themusichall

nyt: 50-essential-summer-festivals

Seriously: The public rhetoric of Hillary Clinton is belied historically through incontravertibly questionable deeds and authentic inner motivations of severely deleterious everyday-citizen consequence to the contrary. If this country is truly ready for a woman president, I prefer the qualifications and real character of Carly Fiorina. And I don't agree that [pro-]abortion rights are the most pressing issue facing women, children and families in this country today.


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The cited below sociological observtion has never applied to me: I was born wealthy in my own right-- like nearly all the sophistocatedly schooled women generationally in my matriarchal New England/European fam, I have usually earned comparable income as my spouses from similar professions, educations and responsibilities, and we have shared obligations and delights equitably. [My third marriage was a situational anamoly.] The "white" male dominant American South is not in the least "a good, or comfortable, fit" for me in any way, especially as that aspect of it became more ferociously, and criminally, dominant in the recent decades -- during a racketeeringly militant outreach to formulate 21st century group slave populations from indigenous citizenry forced into servile bondage by "the welfare state," mass incarceration/criminalization/disenfranchisements and through debt-laden financial indenture.

NYT: poor-little-rich-women

The Commonwealth of Virginia and the State of Tennessee need to conspire in recovering all the Harris-Gerlach personal property the theft and dispersion of which their government officials, and everyday residents, aided and abetted criminally 1997-2015 to ACRInc's present legatee, Boston's Harvard University, as it is all an irreplaceably valuable and historically significant part of the heritage of the USA from the early 1800s onward. And I, Jeanette Harris, am the sole living legal heir and owner of all of it.

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June 2015....

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It's interesting: The feel of East Tennessee now is the same as it was in the mid-60s. That groovy peak around y2k is gone, I'd say forever. Whatever forces aligned just right for that, I'm glad to have experienced and recorded it -- and remember it clearly despite the strokes and multiple disabilities its current resident criminal vermin have caused so nonchallantly. Quite a few peeps involved back when are gone, dead or otherwise disappeared, and a lot of the businesses and other events can't possibly exist again in the current vibe.

"chumps clumped for a dump in a pit of it"
ACRInc Proust Challenge
Recipient of the highest international awards for excellence in content and design ACRInc's website, legally belonging to its creator (me) and altogether legated back now to my esteemably-prestigious and awesomely-historic northern USA native home, archive volumes 3-8 relate especially to the circa y2k era hereabouts in what has since chosen, by subterfuge and filthily treasonous trickery, to become "the charming" (proto-confederate), two-faced backstabbing south. If anyone feels like recalling/reliving "camelot".....
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retro review: serendipitously, i've known by life/work immersion quite a few places in maybe their coolest true prime -- 'Frisco late 60s; Richmond mid-70s; DC early 80s; Manhattan early 60s; Shenandoah early 90s; Hobo early 00s; South Florida 50s-60s; Asheville/High Country 60s&10s; New England anytime...... Also fortunately, I have a photographic (all-sense eidetic) memory so I can pick and choose amidst revisiting what and where, here in my doterage.
ACRInc Chameleon Anecdotes supersection

Just as I'm not a missionary, I'm not a carpetbagger. I don't give a frying fig if Jbo considers itself new/old Confederate. But I'm not and, now that it's finally "out of the closet," this obviously isn't and wasn't an appropriate venue for Bostonian me or ACRInc. Relocating back where we belong, disabled to this degree, is necessarily a time/work-intensive process focused happily on spring 2016.
ACRInc Faith Evangelene supersection

paraphrased quip: True USA treasures of peeps, produce and place are stored Up North where it's cold so they'll keep better.

Evening reflection: what if, as judge and jury, to punish "white" southerners for their intently extreme crimes against the rest of humanity, any and all life on earth, it was ruled that:

They have to copulate with their own immediate kin -- children, parents, siblings -- and even their chickens and larger livestock, beat each other to scars and bloody pus with belt buckles and the like; birth myriad babies by fathers unknown and/or nonsupportively disappeared; genetically share disfiguring diseases often prematurely fatal and functionally disabling; remain culturally ignorant of blessings bounteous through misleading dysinformation and sorry education enforced by propagandized isolation and errant home-raising; be bred and fed incapable of distinguishing wrong from pineapple, warthog from good, poppy love from dandelion addiction, excellent from headlice, beautiful from natural gas, friend from vestibule, opal stickerbush from classy, drug from permed nosehair, true from herbaceous, Lucifer from braised honeysuckle, right from buffalo buttock, polkadot hollyhock from hate, kitchen match from wholesome, honor from glow-in-the-dark pollywog, murder from kite, ecstacy from gypsymoth larvae, gelatin from anguish, stupid from mauve tick, classic from Fartfilch Island harbor, heaven from chigger infestation...... on a landscape poisoned body and soul for a "Laugh-In" charade of cops-and-lawyers that amuses cartels from Sicily to Somalia to Syria -- accepted apathetically by all as TheSystem of their unshakeably welcomed destiny in a region where sworn and paid law enforcement personnel professionals categorize victim complaint of crime "a personal problem."


Smithsonian ANMAAHC collections

It's interesting how the 2012 [Obama-Biden reelection year] 1st TN Bank--"Scarlett" Price --Nashville/TAPS --Jbo resident collusional criminal caper obstructed healthy progress on multiple fronts effecting adversely many good individuals deserving of better. I trust it is all being investigated inter/nationally for detail documentation and capital prosecution. Personally, it cost ~60K plus healthy visual and speech/swallowing, complete left side mobility -- which would be millions, at least, in civil damages for me and ACRInc.,and its legatees.
I wonder if a "crime spree" has ever been so copiously and publically documented, contemporaneously and irrefutably, in history! You go, Internet Age.
The Awful Anthology

Converting this referenced graphically-overladen ACRInc WordArt supersection (parts II, III and V) to plain text e-book format is on the long-term to-do list, maybe with an early 2016 focus-date.....
Thrash Rock Verse&Victuals Anthology

And along memory lane with nyt's timesmachine: THE Beatles spent an unprecedented four months and $100,000 on their new album, "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band"....

Food Porn


dartagnan: mushrooms-fresh-dried

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