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Left-On-Unfit-News, South America:

Fear Factor VII: Which is most horrifying? a)ISIL; b)Monsanto; c)Ebola; d)Across-The-Board Republican 2016 Electoral Win; e)Post-Drought Food Prices; f)Passport Revocation; g)Bush/Cheney-Guaranteed Probability of None of The Above

Where-It's-At, Here Somewhere:

Overriding question of the 21st century (stuff that keeps us awake at night): Why aren't there as many jokes about okra as there are about banjos? Is it just bigotry? Gender-based? Or veggie-focused? When will SCOTUS and Congress address this urgent matter? Must petitions be drawn and circulated? Banjo boycotts threatened? Gumbo poured onto Wall Street? Okra allocated Court-appointed representation? Must banjo have that too?

Penis-Envy Park, Pall Primordia:

My soul sisters and I have lived and worked true to ourselves as possible in a world mostly defined by and fitted to men. This has been like:

a. wearing a string bikini to play rugby at Eton Hall;
b. trying to make a flowered bonnet from a pattern for jockey shorts;
c. donning a spacesuit to belly dance in The Louvre;
d. flicking horsewhips to sweep haute cuisine palisades after a derby;
e. all of the above.

If-That-Ain't-Country, Tennessee:

"Elsie tells the counselor she wants a divorce from Mick because everywhere they go everyone knows and recognizes him. The counselor, finding that impossible to believe, accompanies the couple for a week in their perambulations. Sure enough, the city pharmacist says, 'How ya doin today, Mick?' and the traffic cop in the next town yells, 'Go on ahead, Mick, just stay to your left around the pothole.' But in Rome, the counselor is found on his back in a dead faint. When paramedics inquire as to what had happened, an onlooker explains,'I just asked him who that guy was standing in front of Mick on the Vatican balcony,' and he right keeled over on me."

Hal's Spaceship@Else's Somewhere:

Query of the Era: "Have you connected today with your Inner Brainlessly Babbling Bozo?"

Free Key, USA:

Tech Savviness: "I don't have Facebook or Twitter. I just randomly announce what I'm doing. I have three followers so far but I think two are cops."

Cool and Hip Measure: "I'm IN now -- the only part of me that's Evil is the way my toenails are painted."

Ultra-ultimate Insult: "No, I'd rather speak to the machine, please."

Speculation: "Maybe the Second Coming arrived and you missed it. (clue: Greed is NOT good; see Seven Deadly Sins and zombie)."



* People are not Property. (People cannot legally be owned as possessions; Slavery is Constitutionally criminal).

* Corporations are not People.

* Corporations are Property owned by People.

*You are People sworn by God and employed by People to uphold the Constitution of the United States (go to Top)

*Stay away from the fountain with the funny-colored water.

*Got it?


"This is so embarrassing.... We've forgotten who you are and what your 'issue' with us is and who or what you're waiting for....... Let's start over, shall we? Press '1' for yes. press '2' for hell no."

Silly Point, TN: Improved and New Prove-You're-A-Genius question --

"What does 911 plus Y2K plus 2013 equal?"

Answer choices:

A. Zero
B. An Infinite Number that cannot be expressed
c. Seven
J. A Vermillion
D. Two-tenths Base 6
G. Minus Seven
L. Vermillion
e. None of the above
E. A Quark
F. A few of the above
D. All of the above
K. Mauve
j. Seven of the above
H. A Quark
N. Seven vermillion
g. A Definite Number that cannot exist
Q. Minus seven vermillion Base Zero
v. A Quark
V. Seven Quark or Eleven (11)

Boston MA, 10/1/2013: "How RUDE. We don't have a government. An historic breach of etiquette. This will be noted when invitations to tea are next sent. There may be no cucumber sandwiches, you understand. The violinist quit with the concert bassoonist. And the fat lady walked out with a grin. all the gin, I mean...."

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"The way of the Cross is not easy, yet it is the tuneful, the rhythmic, the beautiful, the lovely way."
-- Edgar Cayce, Association for Research and Enlightenment

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