A Country Rag--Looking For Home: Angels in the Detail

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A Country Rag

by Jeannette Harris

Looking For Home: "Angels in the Detail"

(creative nonfiction)

Mentally diverted by oncoming tides of timeworn trauma, MarjorieMay tripped on a trailing waist tie of the ankle-length patterned silk morning robes she favored for casual homewear. With her distinctive cry of sudden distress she'd slid, as the shallow frying pan somersaulted across their now-sleek high-rise modern kitchen space, into the hot grease sizzling from Harold's morning bacon strips which could not be foregone, especially now that he was struggling through discomfitures of terminal pancreatic cancer. His first-shift home nurse pretreated the immediately consequent second-degree burns in splotches along limb and torso skin before delivering her employer for expert diagnosis and therapies to a nearby physician's office on that neatly narrow side street veering by the co-op poolgrounds from slim rounds of voluptuously verdant green tapering toward Fort Lauderdale's then-lazy Intracoastal Waterway.

Patty returned quickly for the care of her main charge, fondly experienced as a "ladies' man" to be dependably jocular in appreciative respect. Even mordantly ill in his late 70s, Harold was athletically handsome and lithe in activity. Diving days foregone, he still pulled on a screeching white rubber cap over then-tamed gray hairs to wade and swim regularly twelve floors down from the balcony site of his competitive [monogrammed] card games -- solitaire to gin rummy through bridge. For a usually moderate and peaceable companion, he wasn't a good loser at all. And I admit now to "throwing a few games" on purpose just to regain and reclaim a good vibe en famille.

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