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February 2015:

"Winter Perspectives"

***WARNING!!*** Unreconformed and unpenitent, apparently, First Tennessee is *still* here in early 2015 A.D. running their cascading overdraft fee game by the unwary, and unnotified. Check statements frequently to keep tabs on a trick that can run into thousands and ruin your health, financial and otherwise!
I am curious now as to who or what in "struggling" Jbo/East Tennessee got a "kickback" for allowing all First Tennessee Bank's criminal financial routines and schemes. Like back in fall 1997, ReichWing Republican/Christian Gary and Jeanne Frink volunteered to me that getting regional government jobs, and perks so generous they've been traveling the globe -- tediously recounted since then in a garish cyber-journal stand-in for Gary's yesteryear dream goal of a classic blockbuster novel -- luxuriously ever since, to go along actively with astoundingly-multiplicitous armed crimes against all my properties in the Shenandoah Valley. (see ACRInc Mandala supersection for copious and easily verifiable details).

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Right here and elsewhere.

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For instance.

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This is the latest attempt at a clear, easy, comprehensive access gateway to sprawlingly giganormous ACRInc website content 1996 to date:

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It all started pretty naiively with this here -- during a time we found the prospect of the internet being incorporated into television (e.g. WebTV) thrillingly futuristic and never fantasized the reverse we have now every day and ubiquitously! I was 52 years of age going on 71 -- and differently disabled (by an ankle-fracturing home fall). Ninety perecent of cyberusers, and maybe one percent of tech developers female, were male. Nearly one hundred percent of the public-at-large viewed cybernetics with the disinterest or suspiciously hostile reluctance they'd once felt initially toward Pet Rocks and Cabbage Patch Dolls.

ACRInc Air Anniversaire

The predominent search engine was kinda personally-approachable Yahoo, followed by a competitive gaggle of much less powerful and smaller contenders for second-third tier service/devotees. There was no Google, not even as a verb. Bing was a small and sweetly dangling cherry-colored fruit for jamming and jelling. Microsoft and Netscape duked it out in take-no-prisoner "browser wars" of which content providers and other committed users, who gathered organizationally to sanctify and heal routinely in regional aid&support groups, were the trapped Collateral Damage.

Google Earth

I suppose historically the roads to progressive growth have nearly always everywhere been been plagued by doubters and imposters, brigands and ruffians.

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    "... The core tenets of a functioning democracy the rule of law, respect for individual freedoms are also the most basic of Islamic values bestowed upon us by God. ...."

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