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January 2015:

Higher Ground

The southern sojourn is over.

I'm headed for my native clover

of New England.

Rock on, Patriots!


"ave maria"
OPEN POST FOR ERSTWHILE HOMEYS: Really, up north you have all the inclement weather but in Dixie you have satanically sadistic "charming southerners," notoriously filthily abusive, and their myriad structures of generationally/genetically inescapable evil criminalities and dementias. ["...unto the generations that hate me...."] Bad weather outside or inside, temporally or eternally? materially or spiritually? You pays your money and you takes your choice.
Sorry Jbos, psychotropically drugged out of sentient sanity by enslaving Virginians for four years, I chose the wrong direction in fall of 2007. But it's odd that in terms of ACRInc's website content it's been a boon for me and mine. and a blessing in other material, even financial, ways intangible.
It's hatefull and maddeningly sad this once-sweet little town got sucked into the nightmare vortex of healthless horror, dissolute disruption, and contemptible corruption that is arrogantly aggressive pseudo-Republican/confederate native Virginian.
ACRInc Publisher's Preface

God reigns, not us, or them, in the end. Why did an omniscient God create an apparent nemesis -- Lucifer, Angel of Light?
ACRInc Christmas Village

Finally, the_only still enliveningly online intact, internationally awarded-and-recognized worldwide website (rep'ing the USA) created, developed and owned by a woman (and her true homeys) is ACRInc's -- not any dixiescat-bred SCV or UDC profane abomination of truth, spirit and reality, divinity and humanity.
ACRInc omni guide

Futuristic Dream: M.I.T. affiliates successfuly create, popularize, market and publically archive leather- or snakeskin- bound books that, when opened, pop-up holographic figures (casts of costumed actors) who play out the plots within appropriate holographic scenery. Variations -- e.g. incorporating musicians and other wildlife -- on the concept are developed by widely-welcoming other academic sites and hotel chains.

Ruminant reverie: Among the plethora of Virginia-klept family heirlooms carefully cherished throughout cautiously-coached generations of the 19th and 20th centuries are minibooks -- precursers of everyday paperbacks -- that are bound in supple soft leathers and gold-embossed with classic titles of literary giants like Dickens and Thoreau. The tiny pages are delicately opaque and the print very small and close, but to this child my-size books etched with pen-and-ink museum-quality illustrations, each protected by an attached clear page of its own, remained a delight to treasure and visitor-share into fairly recent adult eras and spaces. Some are gifted enscribed with handwritten salutations between friends and kin on a specific date.

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"The way of the Cross is not easy, yet it is the tuneful, the rhythmic, the beautiful, the lovely way."
-- Edgar Cayce, Association for Research and Enlightenment

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