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September II:

looking back:

review time: I've been back living and working in and from Jonesborough this sojourn for over seven years -- August 27, 2007, I think, to now. I love this residence for lotsa reasons. It's a perfect location. It's also sturdily-built and interestingly-constructed.

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flashback: The only vehicle accident I've had as a driver was in the late 60s in downtown Johnson City on Franklin Street. I bumper-crunched the snazzy car ahead of me whose driver rudely stopped short while I was jabbering urgently with passenger company. There may have been a red light involved. Sadly, I was driving the beloved of my consort du annum -- Ronnie Taylor, bottleneck blues backup for Doc Watson and the folksy-rock Mother Jugs Dirt Band. Who could not love Tennessee?

Summary "bottom line": Despite collusively vile criminalities of the extended Price family gangbanger junkee psychopaths and profoundly-insolvent First Tennessee Bank tontine shenanigans, I'm comfortably provided for in partial retirement from 52-plus years in the official full-time "labor force" and wondrously cared for regularly and dependably. I have usefully meaningful and self-directed work I love to envision and complete. ACRInc is stably established, still growing and thriving in its intended legal directions as a "true blue" entrepreuneurial American enterprise.

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I have no fond respect or supportive regard, of course, for the bummy punks that threw filthy games as obstacles into that worthy goal's sometimes torturous path for their transiently sole and selfishly vain aggrandisement in taking and claiming properties belonging rightfully to me alone because I worked for and earned them by my free choice in "blood, sweat, and tears." And paid taxes.

Divine justice [waiting on God] -- Four of the main "perps" [Dr. John Huddleston, John Waybright, George Baillie, and Sam Price] in initial [1997-98] Virginia crimes against all my legally-owned Shenandoah-based properties, including my responsibly-exercised freedom as an American citizen-taxpayer, are dead now "of natural causes."

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"Onward and upward, pioneers!"

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"The way of the Cross is not easy, yet it is the tuneful, the rhythmic, the beautiful, the lovely way."
-- Edgar Cayce, Association for Research and Enlightenment

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