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September I:

Post-Racial America Alert from MarkFiore on Vimeo.

My astrological sign is Libra, the scales of justice and balance. I have lived, worked and loved materialized on this planet for seven decades completed at the end of this month. A gift, inherited from my grandmother, now of elderage is that two hours' sleep feels like and suffices for eight sound ones.

One day my Virginian-stolen family heirlooms will be back Up North where they belong to be seen and appreciatively enjoyed, I'm relieved to realize.

(almost) real-life cartoon: "Virginia Gentleman Farmer" in tuxedo and cravat slopping hogs beside crumbling remains of a slave-built plantation house after driving 'skins' through corporately-poisoned waters onto toxically-muddy flats, anticipating the sacred ritual of proudly cleaning the fenced-off gravestones of stolen and never-repaid labor.
Of course Virginians have never returned anything they stole from me by trickily criminal force; that isn't the tradition or mores of pirates and terrorist hoodlums, alias confederates. Or their "socio-economic model."

Other of my yet to-be-enumerated "missing" now-North-re/bound family heirloom antiques are two ultra-high quality sapphire and diamond Tiffany-created bracelets set in filigreed white gold and a star sapphire surrounded by diamond "chips" mounted in platinum monogrammed ring. Nearly everything, including sterling picture frames, 24-karat gold signet rings, lace and linen "personals" is monogrammed variously throughout the generations passed through. I realize some, if not most, will never be recovered materially to their rightful legal place but i know and see them in my mind's eye from an anciens Northern lifestyle all-but-unimaginable now. All honorably acquired --no slaves or indentured servants or piracies involved, just diligent study, work, invention and innovation, saving, and fortuitously wise investment. For instance, one great-grandfather patented the timeclock device adopted ubiquitously by fin de siecle workplaces.

It has been atrociously painful to be separated forcibly and utterly unjustifiably by mercilessly sadistic "high trash" Virginia criminals from precious properties of incalculable financial and generationally-cherished sentimental value. I know there is a good and just God all-seeing of the misty purpose of these events and their present-consequence -- being myself familially a finely-bred part of "the insolent northern majority." Thank the Heavens sublimely beauteous and supremely triumphant. I will not be judged ultimately by the villainously vile and filthily barbarous abomination to land and Lord called briefly "Dixie."

The enemy is despicable ideas, bankrupt "values" and dementedly conflicted mindsets embodied in persons enacted via their unwholesome deeds.

We each have an inalienable right to our own individually authentic God-given identities and other of our uniquely intimate properties.

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