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Homily for Labor Day: To attempt appeasement of an obviously angry God, we might disinter the remains of slave-supporting traitors that fought for The Greivous Criminality mid-1800s from cemeteries honoring patriots fallen in defense of freedom (and other of their personal properties) and the Judeo-Christian God of Jerusalem, Nazareth and Jesus and place them in segregated destinations like the separate slave cemeteries they filled decades past with tortured African descendants. We have been "coddling criminals" in confused compromise with Evil for an obviously hopeless dream of earthly peace too long. Abyssmal failure surrounds and abounds us now. Like alcoholics drunk on the aphrodesiac of mythical superiority and exceptionalism from the multi-ethnic species homo sapiens sapiens, we must adhere to the well-honed steps of AA recovery to save our lives and those of generations to follow.

We might also acknowledge that a market composed solely of beggars and thieves is not a healthily viable economic model and rededicate ourselves to self-sustainingly honest labor, individually and communally, in creating marketable products of which we may be justifiably proud.

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August III:

Frivolities from home!...

checkin out Radio BDC from

Fun find -- NYT's version of "See You On The Street"! Intersection Video Collection

Another fun discovery from the northern Appalachians! Caponigro's Art Photography

"... Definitions vary on the precise boundaries of the Appalachians. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) defines the Appalachian Highlands physiographic division as consisting of thirteen provinces: the Atlantic Coast Uplands, Eastern Newfoundland Atlantic, Maritime Acadian Highlands, Maritime Plain, Notre Dame and Mégantic Mountains, Western Newfoundland Mountains, Piedmont, Blue Ridge, Valley and Ridge, Saint Lawrence Valley, Appalachian Plateaus, New England province, and the Adirondack provinces...." --

"Cameo Christmas" will be the soon-upcoming Microbiotic Invitational Holy Days WordArt Collection of pix and writing. . . .

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August IV:

Deck Observation: Our representative government is as contentiously and corruptly dysfunctional as the majority of its citizens that bleat loudly at the mirror in their hands.

G.eorge A.rnold G.erlach --My father's USAF plane crashed on a training mission toward the beginning of WWII in the mountains near Washington State. He was one of two survivors out of seven on board. His back was broken multiply so he couldn't get up or help his dying buddies till rescue finally located the remains. A year's post-traumatic stress hospitalization still left him with "night sweat" nightmares, although he worked full-time as an accountant and helped proudly and joyously to care for his [adored] first-born (me - his "spittin' image" beyond gender) and later created a popularly successful construction-related company. It was (mostly) his hard-earned monetary inheritance skammy skumtrash [see "Binking"] stole via monstrously-discredited and heinously criminal First Tennessee Bank. Like me, he was and is a native New Englander Yankee, and a Freemason USA patriot.
happy Labor Day, junkees
My family's most pricelessly valuable legacy to me and others, though, has been tastefully and eternally moral transcendence -- not trashily material/monetary scrounging like ephemerally-passing craven Junkee Skreed.
The trickily filthy deceits and haughty conceits of "Dixie" damn and doom it beyond salvage generationally. And, oddly, it knows it: its inescapably drear "birthright" -- to be Satan's child, children of a fallen god, Lucifer's lost bride.
GaGland. . . .
illustration for Varieties of Sickening Experience: A Government As Bad As Our People

. . . Ponderment: Have we crashed into the fork off an old road where a government structured by, in and for 18th and 19th century realities screeches incongruously to traverse 21st century landscapes while bypassing boozy and wretchedly-tatooed hitchhikers thrown into disconsolate peril from the information highway onto a way befitted and long-rutted by oxen-carts, Model As, Packard coupes and VW bug convertibles to be dished out drones now, and free phones, for distraction toys?

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"The way of the Cross is not easy, yet it is the tuneful, the rhythmic, the beautiful, the lovely way."
-- Edgar Cayce, Association for Research and Enlightenment

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