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"grounding" stats: altogether i've lived and worked in Jonesborough environs for 18 adult years (~'64 to now) and the two times intermittent ('70,'03) i moved away weren't my choice, but prior spouse-related; i moved from Boston metro as a maturely 18 year-old teen antsy for the wilds and wonders of Manhattan 24/7. ACRInc's worldwide web site has been online 24/7 now for 18 years.

I, A Woman Anecdotes

I love tennessee,/ it suits me to a tee,/ not too fancy, still it's classy./ it makes my soul sing, and my heart start to dance again./(despite ugly blasts from Hell/ of the remnant bloody confederacy.)

"It takes a big man to walk a small dog." another old fam saying. A tanned young tennessee tough just jounced past the back deck with two adorably unmatched neatly-pedicured small ones high-stepping from leashes.

Overheard Life Philosophy: "I could do better but I'm pacing myself."

Revised summary bio: Born in California and now semi-retired professionally, Jeannette Harris was raised in the Northeast; has lived and worked in the Southeast for nearly fifty years, earned an honors degree from one of that region's best state universities; has a cross-country employment background in fine arts, music and performing arts, administration, clinical psychology, criminal law, management, computer programming and system design, accounting, instruction, small business ownership, multi-genre writing and visual arts; and has owned since the mid-1990s a self-created 501(c)(3) non-profit arts and culture corporation that promotes history and travel worldwide.

August I:

I didn't make it to the deck today... I forgot....

(elder-age thought train)
[ "please don't interrupt me; i may never be here again." ;) ]

(Jonesborough stardust)

thinkin on readin 'n' ritin 'n' livin 'n' cognitive communication....

* unforgettably awesome Malamud

... 'n' space travel

(brainsarti homeys)
[on the other side of a thousand words]

... 'n' threads

graphic: "Lilliput overshoots the star atop the Christmas tree"
There are two good-natured, heavyset middle-aged women who often hobble by, one with a cane and the other walker-assisted. I don't know their names. At least one is an excellent cook by tantalizing aromas that waft on occasion from her kitchen. It isn't as comforting or cheering as it might seem to semi-paralyzed now-me to realize there are others unable to regret the loss of physical grace I enjoyed appreciatively and actively for many decades since birth. I stumble again conceptually into God's imponderable Whys from the paradoxical trapeze of Free Will within God's Plan. Mysteries abound, enticing a sleuth into the unfathomable beyond: the spiritual frontier of our earthly passing. The conclusion is never mine -- tho, delusionally, it may seem to be in a moment's decision. As punctuation delineates the intention of a complete sentence. As the snake chases its tail, unsated.

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kosher shtick

how can you tell the difference between a bizthug and a pet rock?
another of God's imponderables.

how do you know if a rock's committed suicide?
its spouse asks: how long ago?

how do you tune a rock?
skip it across a waterway and listen for the sound of one hand clapping.

how do you know you've touched a rock?
it doesn't move.

how do you parent a rock?
leave it alone

why can't rocks dance?
they're afraid to take a chance.

why don't rocks sing?
they prefer stillness

why can't rocks ride a bike?
they prefer stillness

why don't rocks drive?
they prefer stillness

why can't rocks fly?
... .

how do you wake a rock up?
no one knows

how do rocks sleep?
nobody knows

what do you feed a rock?

may i touch you?

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"The way of the Cross is not easy, yet it is the tuneful, the rhythmic, the beautiful, the lovely way."
-- Edgar Cayce, Association for Research and Enlightenment

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