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"p8 NrkUzr 2"

"p8 NrkUzr 2[comma]" as the natives say

(or Who's Afraid of The Comma Queen?)

It's an amazing change in our lives to be able to access the often difficult-to-impossible to obtain NewYorkTimes, and other august international educational/analytical/informative publication/institutions, "at the flip of a switch" and a fingertap from nearly any teeny town anywhere anytime now on the globe. I'd never have guessed that decades back! Etcetera, etcetera. The technology is magnificent -- with all its prowess in multi-faceted presentation from Youtube to Spotify to Google to ...... Heidi's Corner Cupcake-and-Orangeade-Stand menu and shack tour today.

I should add that a lot of hardworking, talented and skillfully dedicated individuals/groups have made that awesome reality an ever-growing/morphing fact able to enrich lives everywhere every second within earth's "prickly" socio-economies and eco-political climates. Sultan Mifpak-Bwiomph just abolished kumquat teas on demand?? A-aack. Med-out at the Louvre awhile and get a new perspective on it all. Or audit Euclidean Geometry 651 at M.I.T. to take your mind off the terrifying dearth of kumquat leaves at Grandpa Lou's Pray-and-Pay.

Seriously though.... Especially perhaps in the Internet Age, life throws/constructs some curves that are diffcult to explain, and/or fathom. Obviously, I haven't made the following clear enough: The eyes gazing out from ACRInc's current main page are those of my cyber-spouse -- by mutual, and voluntarily-chosen and satisfactorily-determined commitment -- and sometime alternate ACRInc manager, nearly since the site's inception. We're both college-educated techies and professionally-skilled writer/musicans by trained avocation -- and northerner/yankees by birth and affinity. It is what it is, and what it was and will be. Also, we've together introduced to this world and raised one healthily unique live-being offspring, a thoughtfully-chosen descriptor -- Lily, the catform. God decides and wo/man laughs....

c'est moi

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