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Render unto government (collective earthly/material rule) what is government's and unto God (collective spiritual/moral rule) what is God's. (Mark 12:17, Matthew 5)

"Coins of The Realm"

"Hey, Liddy, I just found out if you file Fh6.7p Revised, vehicle replacements are tax exempt."

"Cool. Chad, ditch the fleet!"

Brett leafed quickly through the booklet spread on their kitchen table. "And what you make on selling the old isn't taxable."

"But we just bought them all last year, Mom."

"Sell 'em. High on the dollar."

"Yes, ma'am."

A sharp bark, scratching and howling at the screen door interrupted them.

"Damn. Jeeter found his way home again."

"I can't feed that old hound."

Brett opened the screen and threw their largest saucepan out, aiming hard on their oft-abandoned pet.

"He needs dope anyway, for heartworming."

"Let the Pimonettas get him. They love huskies." Liddy found the form she'd searched finally in the stack and reached toward Brett for her pen.

"Good idee! I'll drop him off at the corner of Grange and Kincaid this time."

Chad grabbed the pitcher of sweet tea from the frig. Lifting a tall crystal glass, Liddy settled back in her oriental rattan chair.

"Brett, you're a good mechanic. Why do you waste yourself on the laundry business?"

"More moolah. Bigger dough, baby. Gotta go with the flow, you know, to build that castle down the road."

Liddy raised her eyebrows and closed her eyes dreamily. "Sunflower fields and weeping willow wood. Jacuzzi in the corner of the pool with its mountain vistas...."

"Commuter plane for tinkering and traveling....."

"Hot tub in the den for champagne brunch partying....."

Brett folded the signed application form into a long envelope and dropped it before the others in the box.

"... And a biiiig row boat to cross the lake."

"Two story," Liddy added, arranging deck chairs in her snoozing mind.

"How doth our garden grow?" Brett interjected carefully from beside the stove.

"Needs weeding. And more fertilizing to encourage the blooms."

"I know where there's plenty of that," Chad joked jarringly.

"We are not discussing Aunt Edna and Uncle Perth again," Brett said firmly.

"Freekin' freeloaders," Liddy muttered, penning next week's client list assiduously.

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July 2014, ACRInc Position Statement: "Our Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln and of thoughtfully-practiced Christianity is not about hateful cruelty, or money at the expense of morals.
"We cannot send our faithfully brave and trustingly obedient soldiers to our geographic border to return women and children to the merciless misfortunes of international vice cartels.
"We are still ranked as the wealthiest nation, materially, on earth.
"As you know, our collective hearts and souls are ranked, significantly, only by God and Jesus and Holy Spirit.
"We are not exempt from divine wrath and karmic justice.
"We need a progressively fair taxation system versus welfare for the already rich." --jH

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"The way of the Cross is not easy, yet it is the tuneful, the rhythmic, the beautiful, the lovely way."
-- Edgar Cayce, Association for Research and Enlightenment

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