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"Clean Time"

"Clean Time

there is a time to be bored.
and a time to be floored.
a time to be stored
and another to be adored.

there is a time to be gored
and one to be scored.
a time to be ignored,
and a time be shored

i'd rather be soaring
than snoring.

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Shabbat Shalom: if americans think truthfully about how they individually, and their kinfolk, and their neighbors behave and have behaved -- isn't this nation "on its last legs" morally and economically and interactionally? in that sense, we are all the government and the justice system. i.e. we are "the stars" we blame.

when the history books are written from abroad (china or arabia or russia, most likely), the distant analyses will be that the satanically "charming south" tormentedly destroyed the whole country of America (usa), of which it was a large geographic part, by insidiously sickening and ultimately fatal criminality and hateful inhumanity and egregious brutality toward anything essentially healthy and necessarily wholesome -- like a cancer spreading and congealing from/between each hardwire-programmed southerner, i.e. cancer cell, altogether forming a national body politic of environment and populace too diseased to survive. It has self-servingly dystranslated and misinterpreted the spoken and lived message of Jesus Christ in piteously futile attempts to justify and exonerate its helpless sins in presenting its unexculpably pre-damned materialization as "Christian," needless of atonement or transfiguration, for a salvation unattainable. Frogs cannot, if they will and choose it, become butterflies. Selah.

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