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Free Al Jazeera Press Outstanding people [including East Tennesee's Carolyn Moore and Chicago's Margaret Gregg and British Columbia's Harold Janzen] wrote sweetly comprehensive letters, to no avail, begging Virginia's Shenandoah-Page County authorities to release me from bond-less incarceration in the spring of 2004, writing that i'm just a good-willed and talented, then nearly 60-year-old woman, artist-writer friend known well to them. Sadly, no one in the timidly confused and corruptly confounded Valley -- my work/resident taxpayer/voter home for two decades previous -- stood up for truth, law and right during those times that I know of, or at least not effectively.

Extradicted mid-term of volunteer service as first woman Co-chair of Tennesseee's Green Party, then and now federally (and internationally) accepted as a legitimate political party, to Virginia on an unappealable Governor's [Warner(D-VA)/Sundquist (R-TN)] Warrant usually reserved for convicted and escaped mass murderers and the like, the absurdly facetious felony charges against me there carried 36 years maximum imprisonment upon conviction so -- after being jailed (without any natural sunlight causing all my Tuscany-olive skin to turn "jailhouse white"), cuffed, shackled, chained and drugged for three months -- I accepted a "plea bargain" to enable my release and return to Jonesborough Tennessee.

Logically, we can't expect much inspiringly good or survivably kind or sentiently gentle from the like of an inhuman and complacent co-conspirators that would blow up and off the top of an anciently-esteemed, sensationally-beautiful, robustly-healthy, life-nourishing, multi-resident mountain home to extract coal (money or other market-valued materiel) for themselves -- to deplore just one example of a militant bot-type obeisant of horrifying terror to nature as God created it, dimensionally and dynamically, to oblate Mammon of the Moment.

A recent book, Priceless: On Knowing The Price Of Everything And The Value Of Nothing (, delineates a disquieting phenomenon we sense intuitively. Intangibles -- like having a healthy lung or home or relationship and true love or, conversely, malevolence or disease or agony or hangnails -- cannot be truly monetized [e.g. as they are in malpractice litigation], although material objects -- like a lung, house or wedding ring and string of pearls -- can be for capitalist market purposes. Universal monetization ( drains financial resources from legitimate capitalist producers for profit to predatory actors in the monetary theatre of market wars. For instance, I refuse to accede that there is a dollar amount that can fairly and justly be exchanged for disordered disabilities caused to me by physical torments of Virginia-based, forcefully intentional, interstate criminalities. That would be blasphemously profane.

Incidentally, the Bush/Cheney Administration had earlier rejected on equally absurd grounds my well-authenticated passport application, based on ominous premonition, for travel into Canada which turned out to make no difference as environmental activists -- their legal civilian concerns and socially-healthy activities viewed as dangerously inimical anywhere to the "bottomlines" of criminally monopolistic corporate profiteering global pursuits of "The Almighty Dollar" -- with valid documentation were being turned back without appeal at the border by U.S. Patrol personnel.

The terms of four years' probation required I pay around $200/monthly in Court fees, and take $800/monthly of potentially-deadly and completely-inappropriate psychotropic medicines. The Commonwealth was required to provide those without cost to me if I resided there which I soon did, by socio-economic necessity, for a nearly-lethal involuntary interim of quarterly bloodletting (four hospital-drawn vials each from the back-of-a-hand vein) "to ascertain that proscribed drug levels were as required," monthly checkup visitations with law enforcement officials, and weekly brainwashing to "cure" me of the copiously-verifiable, healthily natural heterosexual personality and authentic female identity God gave me at conception as an "old money" WASP Bostonian--from all of which it took perhaps a wholesomely distanced and dedicatedly determined year thereafter with enlightened assistance to de-program, regain physical vigor, and relearn skillful mental acuity (as described in detail within Chameleon: An Interactive Exploration).

This is the American-born senior female USA citizen/taxpayer [and, now, corporation] with no "priors" to whom they did all that, including many Sabbaths*, since most claim to be "Christians":

From which travesty I conclude the One True God wanted the truth of them revealed irrefutably, undeniably.

fathomless evil The Commonwealth has ever since chosen, despite multiple and cogent pleas to the contrary, to date not to prosecute any involved for their unignorably indisputable and indefensibly heinous crimes.

Leaving only God's justice, and wrath, to prevail.

In other words, at least in Virginia laws and lawyers and courts are a frivolously deleterious expense to workings of the Divine, just as Jesus said unequivocally.

Of course slavemastering confederates, past and present, want to believe that some targeted scapegoat died for their horrible sins thereby absolving them of guilt, shame and the responsible expense of apologetic restitution but it isn't true -- although too many have suffered and expired by those seldom self-acknowledged, manipulatively exploitative, vilely vulgar and violently vicious crimes and still do. No pagan sacrifices to a god or gods that don't exist will or can cleanse lives and minds, hearts and souls of terrifyingly terrible tragedies willingly pursued and embraced.

Flying in the face of laws of physics can only portend, as it has, of catastrophe personal and public for all to know and view. No magic wand or witch's potion or gibberish incantation can make any "born again" sparkling clear and brand new. The hard work of restructuring sadly flawed and floundering selves is totally up to all of you.

Meanwhile, ACRInc's Made-in-the-USA "Reign In My Name" content-enlightened megasite has stayed continuously and devotedly online throughout all the vicissitudes since April 1996! Real love (unmarketable intrinsically, of course) is the scarcest and thus most valuable "commodity" given and/or received amidst us. I'm not convinced from experience and observation that even one percent ever actually know and truly feel it. "Filthy lucre" is common, and worthless in a way, everywhere tho.


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*Addedum: Interestingly, the Sabbath referenced by Jesus' disciples -- including "the rock" of Jesus' church, fisherman Peter -- in the Gospels is Saturday, as they like him are Jews.

We have the diligent commitment of early Jews, of course, to thank that we have now the books of the New Testament Gospel, written originally in Aramaic and Greek and/or spoken in Hebrew -- despite indignities like their being thrown to lions by Roman rulers of the time.

the tuning fork A few of the Gospels were later translated into Latin, which few could understand and none were allowed to own or read [under penalty of death], under auspices of the Roman Catholic Church whose authoritarian leaders figured out how to capitalize on the contents for their own expansionist worldly power and monopolistic material profit globally.

Until very recently Roman Catholic "religious services" were conducted exclusively in Latin, a "dead" language incomprehensible to most congregants. Jesus, on the other hand, spoke with his disciples, apostles and other followers without regard to earthly status "up close and personal" in their language to communicate the message he was born to bring from the God of Abraham to his people.

There are today, mostly charismatic, Protestant churches/adherents that still honor Saturday as Christ's Sabbath.

In truly faithful service honoring the Prince of Peace, Sunday-"sabbath" roman catholic and other Reich Wing "christians" might stop stoking up the why-don't-you-and-him-fight rage between Jews and Muslims, and between them and everyone else, to try to keep the world diversionarily preoccupied during their war-profiteering pilferages and obscenely-garnered material powers in the profaned name of a Jew, Jesus, and of the God of Abraham (and of Juda and Islam), and of the Holy Spirit. Who is the real enemy of God and man?

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A Separate Peace -- "Post-" and "neo-" confederate dixie is a relatively talentless shill for the entrenched (criminally ughly) junkstrata ruling there. That's its destiny, and tormented curse. It is what it is: its inescapable epitaph on a predetermined tombstone forged in stone with the blood of martyred innocents for the blood-debt of afflicted generations to follow.

Total: ~ 1298 words 8660 characters

Busted Balls Award: to Life of the Beloved because it takes high trash imbecility for a gentile "Christian" to explain condescendingly how difficult it is in everyday life to worshipfully honor the God of Israel to a tactfully "unimpressed" holocaust-surviving Jew.

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