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"The Hobo Charm School, Southeast"

genteel heritage guidelines to mob, maul, maim, and murder southern style

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  • Airs of Grass Ass 101
  • Obsequious Sneaking 221
  • Coverup Courting Techniques 525
  • Grandmother Ploys to Planting the Jeweled Lips of Mint 370b
  • REQUIRED: Avoiding Sober Reflections 110
  • Stepstones to Grave Rejection of The Real and/or The True 666
  • Love is Saying "I'm Sorry" Over and Over, Rehearsal Script 437
  • How to Brew Syrups to Whine about Gifts and Favors for Instilling Misplaced Guilt 753c
  • Intoxication Nation RollCall Initiation 246
  • Digging the Wicked Witch Ditch 592
  • Fostering and Tending Mistaken Guilt 777
  • Building The Hawking Bunk for Hauling Junk 835
  • Birthing, Raising and Identifying Suckers 411e
  • Duplicitous Dissemblance Deluxe 851
  • Dressing for Duress 832
  • The Course on Par of Drug Denial 375
  • Skirting Real Work, Heirloom Patterns 321
  • Ancestral Dissemblage Ditties 400
  • How to Skewer and Grill Okra 551
  • Stagecrafts and Proper Platforms for Acting Poor/Acting Rich 341
  • Turning Grits Into Grins 643
  • Begging Beatified 183
  • Preparing A Sumptuous Table For Thine Enemies 285
  • Turning Grins Into Grit 343
  • Surviving Tealess Deserts Sweetly 932
  • Duties of The Drunk in Public Parlance 545
  • Advanced Back-knives and Back-guns 105

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hickups It makes practical common sense historically that Southerners inherit, by blood and baptism, an intractable complex of interactionally unpleasant psychoses bred and fed through generations at a communal table -- at which no prayer or praise to Jesus Christ and the Hebrew God can be said -- spread in confused contusions of myth and truth and law, externalized into an oddly-named "civil war" of familially incursive contention between good and evil, sane and imbecilic, sacred and profane.

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hickups The epic event around noon 5/1/15 in Baltimore is a victory for true law and order, and the real justice that ensues from that, and a win for generations to be in a better country and world consequently. Heartfelt sympathy for all the casualties -- police and their families, everyday citizens and theirs -- who are hapless victims of our time and place on God's stage. Peace.

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peacewalk ballymor

References: freddie-gray-and-the-baltimore-police-department-timeline

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"The way of the Cross is not easy, yet it is the tuneful, the rhythmic, the beautiful, the lovely way."
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