A Country Rag

"Affairs of the Night": A Prose Poem

Coco jumped onto the velveteen purple couch for splaying her cooncat stripes along the back to bathe and snooze in hypnotic rays of mid-day heat while Josie serenaded dragonflies spinning their irridescence by the weathered porch railing. Caitlin's Brook jounced full over its mossy stones and swirled lazily in the flat eddies by flagrantly-flowering bearded iris encircled of Deminisha's tiled birdbath readily awaiting with startling clear springwater pass-through guests from the torridly sultry Down Under. Demmy wafted toward them within one of her diaphonously handloomed sundress cottons and straddled the djembe with sunburnt bare toes to set a steady soft beat to Josie's strumming hum.

Coco rolled onto her back in aural delight and catapulted within a surprised meowl unplanned to the unfinished flooring timbers.

"Coco, here," Josie bent the strings to entice Chanel into her belly-up floor jig. Stripes jiving into a serpentine curl plaited of sinews to blacks, to grays, then golds, Coco writhed to choirs of exercise entranced by her own waves. In the later silence she stretched her prodigious length full from djembe to lute as if to take a dazed bow for constellations impatient behind the closing curtain of amber-streaked night.

A midnight warbler flushed from the tangled wood over Caitlin's splashing crests to wade with a flurry of feathers in the fluff and foam over mottled mosaics drunk in fragrances of the day fading to stilled waters of eventide to the cradle of a crescent moon and sparklingly silent skies, holding their note till sunrise.

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