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"Love Canal"

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rulers of the world

"Let It Lay" WordArt

"Take it easy, baby," Joel warned as Grenadine grabbed the window moulding after grandpa's handhewn workstool teetered out from under her bare feet.

"Damn, broke one of the new nails too," moaned the crumpled pile by the windowsill.

Joey reached down under her armpits to lift Nadine upright.

"And my freakin hip," she gasped in surprised pain.

"Naw,"he assured her. "Take a step now," he ordered, massaging the side she held in a grimace. Warmth from his supply large hand seeped into yowling innards.

"Okay?" Joey turned her by the shoulders and looked intensely into eyes he knew from never to eternity and they both relaxed into the blues of the painting she'd been replacing to its space in the studio exhibit.

"Sure, doll." Nadine limped toward the wall holding her hip for comfort and coordination.

"I told your dumb ass I'd do that when you were ready. Why didn't you come and get me?" he groused from deep inside a growl of worry.

"I called for you," Nadine protested.

"Did I answer?" Joel yelled waving his hands in the air menacingly.

Nadine backed into the far corner in an alarm that precluded complaints from her hip.

She crouched, lowering thickly-lashed lids over the rolling turquoise seas of Aztec eyes and covering her mouth with both hands.

Joel chuckled. "Better?"

Nadine raised her focus to crystals ringing from the chandelier and smiled, slithering against the wall to stand by the tinkling beat and tune of their wedding chimes.

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