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"Forty world leaders, including the Palestinian president and the Israeli prime minister, marched arm in arm in the vanguard of as many as a million people in Paris on Sunday in a somber display of solidarity and defiance after a shattering series of terrorist attacks...."

2015/01/11 -- world/europe/paris-march-against-terror

‘France Is Turned Upside Down’



"... The Quran praises other prophets — such as Abraham, Moses and Jesus — and even tells Muslims to 'make no distinction' between these messengers of God. Yet for some reason, Islamist extremists seem to obsess only about the Prophet Muhammad..... But the exclusive focus on the Prophet Muhammad is worth pondering. One obvious explanation is that while God and the other prophets are also sacred for Judaism and Christianity, the Prophet Muhammad is sacred only for Muslims. ... The only source in Islamic law that all Muslims accept indisputably is the Quran. And, conspicuously, the Quran decrees no earthly punishment for blasphemy — or for apostasy (abandonment or renunciation of the faith), a related concept. ... Tellingly, severe punishments for blasphemy and apostasy appeared when increasingly despotic Muslim empires needed to find a religious justification to eliminate political opponents...."


'Clued Blue' Word Jam

Our planet and its populations are reeling environmentally from the tragic toll of cumulatively vicious exploitative crime sprees climaxed perhaps by January 2015's Paris France Charlie Hebdo massacres and global reaction. Attenuated assaults, individual to communal, on peacefully productive coexistence in, of and by democracy, freedom and diversity, locally to worldwide, have disabled micro to macro -- personal to masse -- socio-economic structures.

From masectomized mountain to toxic aquifer, poisoned pond to trashed tide crashing over fronts of landfill loaded from oceans cycling in refuse-strewn cycles like tornadoes troubling the foundations of earth and sky, the afunctional ugliness of tyrannical minds and hearts, brains bilged on drugs, are horridly materialized from horror with pablums of poverty for sycophants to the altar of gold fever, militarized for trauma and tears on the word of a jealous God's war and warning.


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bon soir, Charlie Hebdo, les déchirures vous prennent au ciel.

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