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Free! NOTE:The following criminal transactions have been documented for appropriate supervisory authorities, who are no doubt overwhelmed by multi-spheric malfeasance in contemporary America. It is unpardonably pathetic that southerners are so incapable of supporting themselves with honorably professional productivity that they felt compelled by their innate inferiority to steal nearly all of my considerable material assets via viciously vile libel, kidnapping, rape and fraud and in that process, of course, multiply disabling and nearly murdering me. Scapegoating beneficently gracious Yankees for your self-created problems and shortcomings will not fix or solve them, or lead to any further forgiving outsider reconstruction intents. The total amount grand-larcened in this instance is well over $60k and the cumulative value va-tn-dc, since 1997 is incalculable as it includes (e.g. "everyday" home artware) irreplacably priceless fine art antiques as well as personal health of all kinds.

Banks that behave like transiently passing "skam artists" are a new phenomenon in my over fifty years of interactive financial self-support, investment and maintenance.

ghosts of the lavender forest Recently though, a local branch office within walking distance from my residence of First Tennessee Bank, owned corporately from Memphis and now on a federal "watch list" for shady dealings, over an eight month period in 2012 cashed obviously forged checks for which there were insufficient funds in ACRInc's fee-based corporate account and then debited it with cumulatively exponential and exorbitant fees incurred by unauthorized overdrafts processed at their whim for which there were consequently insufficient funds, incurring multiply-additional punitive fees at a time they knew -- as did other local townfolk via several Main Street event visits -- from an aided visit to their offices that I was unable to walk, speak clearly or drive and had been preyed upon by other individual socio-economic desperados. And then (at a time I was still half-paralyzed inside-to-out post-ops and without a functional telephone or routinely reliable homecare assistance) froze my remaining deposits so I couldn't pay essential everyday bills, but they had use of the funds left -- having misdirected criminally well over sixty thousand dollars in retirement provisions intended for comfortable sustenance in my senior decades. How's that for a Hell-borne Ponzi scheme? Fortunately, true friends stepped in with emergency short-term loans and sweet to humorous encouragements to "keep on keeping on." Thank you -- blessings abundant back atcha.

piggybank During this time interval and like local churches, the town senior center -- some of whose member acquaintances were aware of my dire physical condition -- offered no assistance or services. The social worker assigned to me never visited or otherwise checked on my situation which became consequently critical to extremes. The true source of this near-lethal and hateful negligence and dereliction of paid duty is mysterious from a small town I've loved, helped economically and enthusiastically promoted worldwide voluntarily, and certainly took me by nonsuspicious and heartbreaking surprise. Naturally my attitudes, activities and sentiments have reconformed consequent to aware realization of the deadly disdain and monstrous maiming of its actual atmospheric alignments.

The only regional acquaintance to visit me previously in hospital was Margaret Gregg; none sent "get well" cards or gifts or called my room. Oddly, I'd fairly recently completed, supportively and wholeheartedly, all my stone cold considerable holiday shopping with Jonesborough's Main Street vendor acquaintances and worked pleasurably as a fund-raising volunteer for its storytelling festival and library bake sale.

Coordinated by the town Senior Center (of which I'd been a member since 2008), delivery of Meals-on-Wheels -- an excellent federally-provided taxpayer-supported service to seniors and disabled citizens of which I'd not been aware or apprised earlier -- was not initiated by Tennessee authorities until 2013 (instead of at hospital release 12/2010) to replace or supplement groceries I purchased previously with the intermittent assistance of personally selected aides.

stormcenter Meanwhile the tiny nearby post office, also aware by acquainted personnel of my medical situation, stopped depositing mail in the overstuffed metal container affixed down the potholed concrete walkway, dangerous when possible for me to navigate alone semi-paralyzed, and kept it -- including bills and bank statements -- for a predetermined interval before returning it all [twice] to senders without any kind of notification to me or checking on the background circumstance, e.g. if was there a rotting dead body abandoned in my place. These might be common negligent oversights in a populously-busy metropolis but the residential number of townies here is a familiar compact close to around 5,000-- not 50,000 or 500,000 -- with many (i.e. a sizeable percentage) of whom I had worked amicably and productively in volunteer community organization events.

Within the inimical subterranean agendas of a criminally complicit ruling clique longstanding townie acquaintances, Steve and Tava Cook, with close kin in the nursing profession, that I contacted for assistance by (archived) email demanded not to be bothered similarly again; another, Violet Chris Mysinger, employed successfully in the heathcare field from whom I requested (paid) assistive attendance declined succinctly and also without any supportively helpful followup contact.

Also complicating a robust rebound of healthy mobility... without an assigned and active local social worker, no physical therapy or personal care assistance was scheduled for me at home or elsewhere -- although Medicare provisions include those as annually renewable covered benefits, which I'd received with enthusiastically cooperative self-involvement helpfully and excellently early in 2011, for stroke recoverers. I did protest this untenable, and subsequently unrectified, circumstance in an acknowledged and personally archived email to the office of regional Rep. Phil Roe, a retired physician. Additionally I had available personal funds and credit to secure essentially necessary services difficult for me to organize paralytically within the uncontrolled criminal chaos prevailing then.

Disoriented dizzyingly by situational, including physical, dysfunction at least three times I fell to the floor in collapsed discordance, righting myself by the nearest stable appurtenance, doorknob to desk, and landing loosely as trained in childhood sports like acrobatics without breaking bones.

I don't find it acceptable, morally or otherwise, for that bank to steal my money and months later give it, without honest attribution (or legally valid permission), as a local "good will" promo to charities rather than supporting honorably outstanding small businesses as I would have done. A community of beggars and thieves is not a worthy socio-economic model to espouse or exemplify.

seven decades Local Bank of Tennessee also cashed checks forged on my account during that period but did so much more pleasantly. It was their reactively aware intervention, as I was too severely disabled to track down the cause or source of near-fatal financial chaos, that finally ended that slew of "utterings" with both banks.

Earlier, the "local" Sun Trust Bank refused to credit my account for ten days with each deposit drawn from Wells Fargo, which is called "kiting," since they had use of my funds while I didn't. They also refused my request to stop a third-party monthly autodraft with the advice It had to be accomplished only on authorization from the [inaccessible] third party. ( I closed the Sun Trust account without further harassment).

None of which prevented ACRInc's online presence or content-updates from maintaining their incipiently outstanding, socially responsible and award-winning international excellence. Or continued restorative reconstructions of "ground" materiel subjected to prior Virginia-based grand larcenies -- "official" to layman -- reported enumeratively, as requested, but never restituted -- or prosecuted.

is it really practicably logical to expect behavior more moral from our public corporations and governments than that enacted by our personal friends and families? We have a post-critical ethics crisis in this country, if not the whole world. The pragmatic sense of ethical interactions is obscured by dogmatic pseudo-religious observances and prettily baseless quasi-spiritual superstitions, sometimes cloaked as "science." For instance, enthusiastically-adopted economic theories have proven in utilization to be less valid than that of evolution. The value of spontaneously applied reason, clarity of thought, has been as severely undermined as that of markets and monetary currencies, and other muddied and muddled inter-relationships.

In earlier times Americans were generally regarded worldwide as "the good guy on the block" -- seldom as "The Great Satan," with some contemporary justification. In other words, a pumpkin pie is only as tastefully healthy as the wholesome ingredients, skillful preparation and clean presentation of its composition are and have been.

It's unfortunate their longstandingly well-documented and indefensibly lawless deeds in regard to me and my properties prove the majority of southerners -- whose insidiously treasonous coup federally has brought our nation to its currently tragic juncture of derangedly dis-eased dysfunction -- to be still the voraciously sick vermin they've been known as historically. I wish that weren't incontravertibly and unavoidably true but the realities and black&white consequences are totally unignorable to any intelligently sentient observer, and/or physically trapped victim. The emotion most southerners prefer to evoke and share amongst themselves and others is fearsome horror through self-servingly bounteous and blindly unbounded bigotries, not unconditionally gentle love or considerate kindnesses; autocratic control rather than egality; cruelly chaotic criminality rather than genteel governance; simmering strife rather ordered peace. This condition appears to be incurably inbred and tacitly acknowledged within the indigenous population. I wish now that I'd never been, materially or otherwise, in any part of the tediously terrifying south and that it had not existed "for the greater good." But I believe God, the father/mother of Jesus and Christianity, wanted its profoundly contorted foundation revealed by publically-witnessed and undeniable events through communicative gifts exercised in service of higher justice and faith in the divine.

... ... Personally, I'd rather be hiking the App Trail or swimming the Nolichuckey. Or gallery-hopping the sidewalks of Asheville and East Tennessee but I can't consequent to egregious scores of compounding criminalities forced on me and the constraints of attendantly predictable and unrecoverably irreversible multi-disabilities for my functionally healthy temerity in expecting nearly two decades past protection as promised to and paid for by me from embarassedly incompetent and impotently ineffective pseudo-legal authorities, the majority of which present as junked-out drunks, associated with Virginia's Emergency 911 dissservices -- and, fourteen years later, from Tennessee's Adult Protective disservices.

. . . I'm grateful to God, Jesus and a few others that my legacy through ACRInc and otherwise shines generously, as attested by "reliable sources" and despite speciously shocking "smears" attempted to justify assaultive aggrandisements and other aggressions, over seven decades of life and work on earth in the slothfully loathesome dirt left by all the desperately desolate "perps" (most of which are dead now "of natural causes") descriptively delineated.

--jH, 9/30/1944-9/30/2014 (so far) ghosts of the lavender forest

See ACRInc OneStep Content Indice Gateway and ACRInc Checkoff To-Do List.


It has never been up to [southern] whitey boys (and/or girls) to decide arbitrarily -- without my express permission --- what is to be done with what belongs only to me legally, including my body, my house and land, my furnishings, my money, my credit, my checks, my business, my uniquely authentic identity, my personal activities, my freedom of association/intercourse and speech and mobility. To assert and behave otherwise is [tyranically] CRIMINAL, i.e. varieties of [brashly haughty] rapist experience. "Sorry" doesn't begin to cover the irradicably horrific and multispherically extensive damage consequent adequately. (But wouldn't that be a pleasantly easy and cheap way "off the hook"?) Divine Justice will resolve, restitute and punish what whitey boy and girl won't or hasn't, and can't. (See ACRInc Personal/Professional Resume)

Preliminary research into the murky morass of ever-simmering borderline-state Civil War antagonisms reveals surprising personal/professional interconnections between historically Union-sympathizing Jonesborough Tennessee and Virginia's Confederate-leaning Shenandoah territories.

For instance, TN's Dr. William E. Kennedy, a retired physician and co-owner of Eureka Hotel etc., serves, as does the Shenandoah's "christly" ReichWinging Gary Frink, on the Trustee Board of Shenandoah's Belle Grove Plantation.

Carolyn Moore's SC-affiliated abolition-associated family -- which includes a criminal lawyer, a minister, a nurse, and investigative law enforcement professionals -- has close friends in Luray's Page County with its beloved Confederate soldier monument and authenticated antique slave auction block.

Jbo's Town Manager ~2002-2015], Robert Browning, has immediate relatives living in Blacksburg and Strasburg, and is from Virginia's Hampton Roads region -- like Jbo's Outreach Administrator for the new McKinney Art Center and notoriously-flamboyant SCV resident John Lyle, having moved here from the Shenandoah, whose Confederate ancestor General commanded occupied Jbo during the 1860s war and whose antebellum family owned a 15k acre slave-labored plantation hereabouts. Robert's wife, Janet Browning, is of a local family hailing from a nearby historically-Confederate rural town (see and her daughter, Lara, recently secured a post as Research Associate with Virginia Tech University. Similarly ambitious, TN's Manager Browning and VA's Prosecutor/Delegate/Shentel employee Todd Gilbert initially shared membership affiliation with the conservative Southern Baptist Church organization.

Infamous Shentel (SHEN), listed now as employer by Todd Gilbert,son of a retired computer science teacher, and Elizabeth H. Cottrell, wife of a retired physician, with its affiliations to ("massive resistence") Harry Byrd Business School has had for awhile telecommunications facilities and operations based in Johnson City.

click for Bookreads review Detail Addendum: In my case the following snarky phenonomenon was precipitated by the Jbo-J.C. TN Franklinite "preacher" Gerald and [Big Stone Gap VA] Elizabeth Price gangbanger "junkie" fam stealing and forging, while I was too disabled post-stroke and post-ops to understand correctively what was going on, a slew of my checks. See explicative source article: overdraft-fees-are-staggeringly-profitable

Based on their recent contemporary m.o., expressed "sympathies" and actual affiliations, my educated surmise regarding the "old fam" Franklinite TN-VA Gerald Price clan is that they were during the 1860s to the present "closet" confederate-collaborators for surreptitiously "fronted" and "laundered" remuneration and "social" prestige. Rogerville TN's Gerald and Virginia coal country's Elizabeth, a mulatto or melungeon adoptee abandoned of unknown family "bloodlines," were luxuriently honored ceremonially in the White House, where they were warmly embraced by Newt Gingrich (, for their exemplary citizenship by then-President Ronald Reagan. They are connected by marriage and progeny with the generationally-industrious and skillfully educated Grindstaff family of Butler TN who were and are stolidly-Union Appalachian mountain folk that eluded committedly service in or for Tennessee's wartime Confederate regiments. An ACRInc creative non-fiction micro incorporating these analytic themes is in development.

The slave-dependent American South generally never learned or adopted healthy strategies of honorably industrious self-support but discovered and fed instead on parasitic war profiteering from physical combativeness it deliberately bred in hatefully hostile abusive bigotries aswirl in slanderous labyrinths of tolerance for wrathful crime induction of every kind to fill the coffers of transmorgrified "massahs" and their constituent "wannabes" idly conniving -- most notably now within the insidiously infected political aggregate adopted by post-Whig Abe Lincoln -- manifest predominantly by schematic activities of the NRA and "legal" communities notorious for brutally monetized cascades of injustice.

Perhaps we have ignored at our peril the profoundly pervasive personalities of our Founding Mothers: Spain's Roman Catholic Isabella to the cauldron of the American South and England's Anglican Protestant Elizabeth and Victoria to its sturdy northern lid.

Of course the old city of Bristol hosts a VA-TN [i.e. CSA-USA] state line right through its downtown. Washington County Tennessee and Washington County Virginia share an illustrious history in The Overmountain Men's victory at King's Crossing to help "turn the tide" for the nascent USA during our Revolutionary War for colonial independent self-rule.

Maybe the lingering sesquicentennial fester of "civil war" multi-dimensional antagonisms most inarguably and decisively proves that disagreements on structural economics and governance cannot truly be resolved and put to rest satisfactorily through military combat. [Psychologically, war is an expressively complicated perversion of sexual intercourse.]

(~2177 words 15350 characters)

. . . Sadly, I doubt recent UVA frat suspensions will alter 'tudes and deeds of historically entrenched and deeply ingrained Virginia misogyny, sexism and racism in the land of [criminally] "massive resistance" to civil rights and/or tastefully civilized interactions. fathomless evil

black&white hanging Landfill Requiem: The Catholic Confederacy (international vice cartel) was never really vanquished. It just went underground -- to murder (amongst many others) Lincoln, Martin and RFK and to blow off JFK's head in the Horror Show its daemonic soul finds homey for seeding mass graves of misery and mayhem to feed a heart that's grown and groaned forever dead in spreading unconditional harm to anyone and anything for its god -- money: whatever material gold is the currency of the day and deed. Virginians are still presenting their phony facade of reluctant evil to profit from and breed for slavery and indenture to sustain their arrogant sloth and talent-less froth in an intoxicated debauche of usurious delusion toward a terrorist conclusion planetwide. Due to earth's curvature, none of this is apparent from the communally industrious and faith-imbued northern hemisphere. So goes the third chunk of junk from the Sun. -- jH, 10/8/1998-10/8/2010, 10/8/2014

71 The confederate catholic has reinstituted by subterranean stealth its historically traditional legacy of inflicting a planetary plague of unspeakably unthinkable terror, horror and suffering en masse onto unwary innocents in attempting to achieve its ugly goals of warring goad and wantonly wasted "gold." There must be no Reconstruction underscoring this iteration of its malevolent ideations manifest in Evils and Profanity Incarnate. Finis.
god's melting pot

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