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from "the original Valley's home page" [4/96-10/97, c. JH and OSCR/ACR]

Air Anniversaire: A Country Rag Easter April 1996-2014

(the times of our lives)

by Jeannette Harris

Digital WordArt

"... Amendment IV -- The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized...." -- Constitution of United States of America

"Prana is the Hindi word for 'Breath'.... So that's what all this has been about, these three tumultous years! Trying to send breath, or spirit, or whatever you want to call it, across the wire. Through text, synchronous or asynchronous, or gifs, or wavs, or lately, video, or combining all of them; here was the cause of the fascination and the frustration, of all the long nights of hacking verses or interfaces, and the dread days where possibility and small success overcame even the misunderstandings of colleagues and the 'could not compile: three errors- exiting' messages. And this is, I suppose, why I keep going, in one field or another: because I know that I, or someone else, will finally succeed, and that the success will be communal, and lasting. And worth everything we put into it, for ourselves, and for the coming culture."
-- reprinted with permission from "Technology & Art" by William F. Lantry, published on-line in CONSPIRE ezine, c.1999

PixArt below thanks to an ACRInc "angel investor"

beachfront collage --click to enlarge "You can't go home again" indeed: This special time and place can never exist or be known again except in the minds and memories of a very fortunate few.
a little Country Talk about the derivation of the phrase "Hollyhock Hill": back at yesteryears' riverfront/hillside homestead, the old farmers called white or pink flowering deciduous hummingbird-fave Rose of Sharon perennial bushes that sprouted profusely in the wild, like weeds some thought, "hollyhocks" -- which are botanically actually something quite different (a tall annual-biennial-perennial seed flower). The collage photos look nearly exactly like my beloved old beachfront on the Shenandoah. It was so free and wild and natural. And relatively boundless. The old folk called that landbend of the river "The Garden of Eden" for generations. It's a little now like a child that sickened and died. I walked from my A-frame home's deckview the ~500 feet to its beachfront nearly every "good weather" day for twenty years of healthy exercise and med-out hours.

Travelling the dirt road to and from my home was and is for me -- the only exceptionally-blessed and interestingly-challenged owner who ever before or since initial purchase/sale lived in and worked from that uniquely remote property compound year-round through all the changing seasons and road conditions -- the materialization of a poetic analogy to our life's journey on earth.

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"... For quite a few Independence Day celebrations, Mickie and her husband and their families, from her elderly mother to their little grandchildren running around excitedly on the grass, provided expensive fireworks they set off by a fire in the bottomland along the riverbank. As the higher, larger, louder, brighter, more colorful and extravagant displays unfolded against the night skies, we all cheered and clapped our hands in delight and awe. I put festive decorations, including a thick red, white and blue, shiny and weather-resistant garland on the riverside deck, and for some of the day we sat there, usually with visiting friends, for awhile watching happy, early canoers pass, also with celebratory decorations of clothing or on their boats. Later, we would drive down with a cooler of beer and folding lawn chairs to the beach to more closely enjoy and participate in the colorful and cheerily noisy river parade of various watercraft filled with adults, children and dogs and the river itself, that being a good time of year for temperatures, depth and clearness, amidst all its teeming fauna and lush flora. It was a perfect place to celebrate the beauties and joys of free Americana with all its natural splendor and rich diversity of humanity and wildlife. The large American flag draped from the A-frame's riverside deck railing was given to me by Grady, one of our camping friends -- most of whom were union steel workers and coal miners from the Appalachian Mountain region of Pennsylvania...."
-- Wilderness Basics, Chameleon

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"Dressing A Deer"

"This One's Gonna Break Your Heart"

ACR, Strawberry Fields Forever

"The Last Pheasant"
"Wood Ducks"


ACR, Angry Seas
"T Is For Tides"
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"Never Name Something..."
"Idyll: Two Voices"

"Sweet Pea"

Valley Seasons ~ Volume 1

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