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Free logo for A Country Rag links #doj I'm in mourning, which may be healthy if not too prolonged, for all I singly and rightfully owned and lovingly cherished (mostly for my whole life on earth), that was stolen by armed force at the behest of government officials in Page County Virginia October 7, 1997: the last day I was truly free and robustly healthy in my own home on my own land there.

Free logo for A Country Rag links No one but me has ever been formally/officially arrested, charged, fined or otherwise punished by criminally insane elements of "law enforcement" for all those violently vile crimes and anguishingly painful losses and heart-rendingly unrecoverable damages which cumulatively have rendered me disabled, severely and interactively, now at age 71.

Interestingly and astoundingly, to this very day NO ONE -- official or not -- has ever inquired about or expressed any curiosity as to the detailed actual reason I chose the extreme exigency of dialing Emergency-911 early on a Friday evening from the phone number I'd owned in my name alone for two decades fully expecting legal help and protection as paid for by and promised to me, and copiously advertised and promoted regularly in a popular television series of the time. I do remember now clearly the never-addressed scary calamity that precipitated my unfortunate encounter of the 666th kind with 1997's pre-holiday Page County Sheriff's Department. Its reverberations have resounded exponentially, unchecked worldwide throughout this war-forlorn planet. Resultantly partially-paralyzed, there's little I can do now but watch, record and analyze.

Free logo for A Country Rag links r.i.p., Fourth Amendment, and now it seems, oddly, to be a globally overwhelming phenomenon.

Free logo for A Country Rag links Nevertheless, ACRInc's initially, and remainingly, unique website is -- from mid-90s nascent cyberdays -- the only one continuingly alive intact and online now in the world (and in global history) created originally, and technically developed and structurally managed by a woman (and god et al); and nationally and internationally awarded for excellence in design and content; and popularly loved, involved and infused.

Free logo for A Country Rag links I am also the first and only woman ever to buy singly and settle with constructive ingenuity comfortably into her own house and land within that Shenandoah riverfront "holler" and to create 3-4 remuneratively independent and reputably popular small businesses (with several contented contract employees) there. I am the first VCU alumnus to complete honors degree requirements through long-distance independent studies. And, from intrinsic socio-ecological empathy and experiential commitment, I am first woman co-chair of The Green Party of Tennessee.

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Free logo for A Country Rag links Eighteen years past, on January 6, 1998, I was finally able to recover my Shenandoah Riverside house, furnishings and land by Court Order, although it was unprotectedly trashed, grand larcened and vandalized -- unrestituted -- with the encouragement and complicity of never-prosecuted Shenandoah Valley "law enforcement" personnel and lay "citizenry."

Free logo for A Country Rag links This ACRInc cover page will stay online until Virginians and Tennesseans (repetitive collusions in kidnapping&torture, grand larceny, attempted murder, elder abuse, sexual harassment, fraud&slander), led into honorably responsible citizenship by their government officials, recover and return all my rightfully/legally-owned properties, stolen there by criminally armed force, and provide justly fair restitution for other vast coincident harms inflicted then and since "with malice aforethought."

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Free logo for A Country Rag links Regardless, we are now commemorating the ACRInc megasite's 21st year online, with more new stupendously outstanding poly-media content!

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Free logo for A Country Rag links Meanwhile, my fractured props and I are wending our ways slowly and surely toward the Berkshires and our natural New England home.

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